The Creston RCMP detachment is located on 16th Avenue South.

The Creston RCMP detachment is located on 16th Avenue South.

Fender benders dominate Creston RCMP week

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  • Oct. 10, 2013 8:00 p.m.

Creston RCMP responded to 59 calls for service from September 30-October 6, Staff Sgt. Bob Gollan said on Monday.

September 30

•A parked vehicle was sideswiped in a hit and run on Kitchener Road. No witnesses have been found.

•No entry was gained during an attempted break-in to a 10th Avenue business. Damage was made during attempts to open two doors.

•A driver was given a 24-hour driving prohibition after entering Canada at Rykerts with the smell of marijuana in the vehicle.

•A 4th Avenue South resident complained that a handful of nails had been thrown on her driveway.

•An elderly male hit a dog with a stick after taking offense to its presence in Schikurski Park.

•Unwanted text messages were reported from a Wenger Road residence.

October 1

•A male has been remanded in custody for three weeks after being arrested for assault following a domestic incident at a Stace Road residence.

•A wallet was stolen from an unlocked truck on Canyon Street.

•Thieves made off with a quantity of tools after breaking into a garage on Simmons Road.

•Police assisted Mission RCMP with a break and entry investigation.

•Two large garbage bags, one containing what a complainant believed to be marijuana, were reported to be sitting beside the Huggard Forest Service Road near Wynndel. The bags were gone when police arrived.

•When police responded to a complaint about someone yelling and screaming at a Helen Street residence they were told the behavior was normal for the person in question.

•Police were called about a dispute over dog ownership after a marriage breakdown on Pilot Bay Road.

October 2

•A vehicle reported stolen from Sunset Boulevard was located in Medicine Hat on the following day. Police in Medicine Hat have a suspect in custody.

•When police investigated a report about numerous break-ins to an Alder Street resident over the past several months, they concluded the report was false.

•Police assisted in the transport of a person experiencing diabetic shock to the hospital from a medical clinic.

•Creston police assisted with an investigation into a complaint of sexual assault in Crawford Bay.

•Cash was reported stolen from a Canyon Street business.

•A DVD was reported stolen from a vehicle in a Northwest Boulevard parking lot.

October 3

•Extensive damage was the result when a driver failed to negotiate a curve on Canyon-Lister Road. She received a black eye when the vehicle’s airbag opened.

•A vehicle scraped the side of another when the driver was turning into a 10th Avenue parking lot.

•A driver was issued a ticket for operating a vehicle without insurance on Canyon Street.

•A purse was reported to have been lost on Highway 3A near Wynndel.

•A vehicle on Valleyview Drive was rear-ended when the driver stopped at a Stop sign. No injuries were reported.

•Two youths reported to be breaking bottles with slingshots near Millennium Park were not located, nor was any evidence of broken glass.

•A suspicious person reported to be prowling around a 27th Avenue South residence turned out to be a raccoon, to the surprise of the police officers that responded to the late evening call.

October 4

•No injuries resulted from a rear-end collision that occurred on Northwest Boulevard when a vehicle stopped for school bus.

•Creston RCMP assisted Calgary City Police by serving a subpoena to a Settlement Road resident.

•Police transported a person in need of medical attention from 44th Street to the hospital.

•A vehicle that crashed into a barrier near Centennial Park was reported stolen by its owner the next day.

October 5

•The driver of a vehicle reported to be driving suspiciously in the Silvercrest Road area told police he was keeping an eye out on local residences following some thefts.

•Saddles were reported stolen from a 20th Street residence.

•An 8th Avenue resident threw beer on a neighbour’s dog and told police the dog should be charged.

•A suspicious person was reported to be walking along Porthill Road.

October 6

•A well-being check of youths on 16th Avenue revealed they were okay.

•A report from Mountain Shores Road said that a quad ran over a dog.


•Police were unable to locate a semi reported to be driving with no lights on Highway 3.