Erratic driving, stolen cars, and donuts

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  • Sep. 28, 2016 2:00 p.m.

Creston RCMP responded to 67 calls for service from September 19-25, Staff Sgt. Darryl Hammond said Monday.  This is down from the usual 100 calls most weeks.

September 19

·A case of identity fraud was reported from 7th Ave.  A family member from out of town was using a victim’s name and a collection agency is now involved.

·An 8th Ave South resident reported mischief to a vehicle.  Someone had sprayed cooking oil all over the rear window.

·A couple failed to pay their bill for use of a summer cottage located at the 1200 block of Highway 3A.  It would indicate that the couple used false names.

September 20

·A report of an angry driver that was tailgating and honking repeatedly on the corner of Highway 3A and Northwest Boulevard was investigated.  Apparently the driver ahead was going too slowly.

·A large fire was reported on Snider Road.  Police found no permit or safety equipment.  The fire department is asking that charges be laid.

·A semi truck and trailer was reported for not maintaining the lane on Highway 3, near Yahk.

·A red canoe was recovered from Kootenay Lake at Kuskanook Harbour.

·A call was made about a male who was dropped off near Highway Cabins.  He was on a bike but unable to ride any further.  An officer attended to the man and helped him into town.

·A stolen vehicle was recovered on Birch Street.  It had been reported stolen on September 18th from Highway 3 in Erickson.

·A vehicle slid into a ditch at a T-section on Ash Street.  There were minor injuries.

September 21

·A report was made from Kidd Creek in Kitchener about loud ringing from hunters in the area.

·The Creston RCMP has one male in custody and is currently investigating the willful damage to a marked police vehicle, which occurred early Wednesday.  The man is alleged to have attempted to set a marked police car ablaze. (See page 2.)

·A report was made regarding threatening communication on Canyon Street.  A follow-up is now underway.

·A bicycle was stolen from a school on 18th Avenue South.  The student was at volleyball practice.  The bike was in the bike rack.

·A call was made from a gas station on Highway 3 regarding poor behaviour at the gas pumps.  An individual was upset that a driver was not attending to his gas station needs in a timely manner.  The individual drove away erratically.

·A report was made that an RV was obstructing traffic on Birch Street.  An officer arrived but saw no issue worth pursuing.

·A call was made from a residence on Devon Street about an argument involving threats.  Statements made didn’t meet the criteria for charges.

·A 911 call was made, and initially the police were involved.  Ambulance attendants were soon involved after it was reported to be a Fentanyl overdose.

September 22

·Creston RCMP assisted in a missing person case from Penticton.

·A rockslide was reported at Highway 3 at West Creston.  YRB were contacted and both teams assisted in removing the fallen rocks.  While RCMP were on the scene, a vehicle hit a nearby bridge.  There was some damage to the car, but no injuries were reported.

·The police were called to a parking lot on Cook Street.  A pedestrian had apparently been knocked over by a car, but there were no injuries.

·An assault was reported.  It occurred during an argument on Highway 3 in Erickson.

·A call came in regarding suspicious youth in the vicinity of the 500 block of Canyon Street.

·Two dirt bikes were reported to be doing wheelies on the corner of Hagey Road and 8th Street.

·An online conversation turned into an extortion demand of $5000 when an individual threatened to make a personal video public.

·A call was made about an intoxicated driver on Highway 3, near Yahk.  Neither the driver nor vehicle was located.

·Two erratic drivers were reported on Erickson Road and 16th Ave S.

September 23

·A theft on 1st Avenue Northwest was solved when the suspect, a neighbour who was helping move the ‘victim’ to a different residence, found the items and realized the items were actually temporarily misplaced.

·Creston RCMP assisted in the provincial Immediate Roadside Prohibition (IRP) program at Sirdar.

·A licence plate and decal was stolen on Northwest Boulevard.

·A roommate issue arose in Kingsgate.  After one roommate demanded the other ‘move on’, the first discovered his credit card was used for online gambling without permission.  Total losses were estimated between $300-$400.

·A driver was reported on Highway 3, near West Creston.  The driver was braking frequently and swerving slightly.  The driver had driven from Victoria and was tired.

September 24

·A young child was reported missing at 5:30am.  The child had decided to go to grandma’s house.

·A male with two German Shepherds was reported to be dumpster diving.  The dogs were thought to be dangerous.  Extra Foods is hoping a new system will alleviate the issues around their dumpsters.

·A Yamaha dirt bike and wallet were stolen in Yahk.

·Keys were found along a service road on Mt. Thompson and turned in.

·A report of a near-accident along Northwest Boulevard was called in.  The driver missed the complainant but instead hit a pole.  The driver attempted to quickly gather material from the crashed vehicle.  Staggering, the driver was located, arrested and charged with an IRP.  The vehicle was reported stolen from the Grand Forks area.

·A red convertible with Alberta licence plates was reported as doing donuts at a Northwest Boulevard parking lot.

·A vehicle making a turn at the junction of Highway 3 and 3A crashed into the concrete abutment.  The front passenger wheel broke off the axel.

·A house fire broke out in the basement of a building on Highway 3 in Erickson.  There was smoke and heat damage.  The fire was not suspicious.

September 25

·An impaired driver was given a 90-day IRP for driving under the influence.  It was 6:30am.

·A sudden death of a 63-year old was reported.  The death was not suspicious.

·A complainant discovered a piece of hose in the gas tank of their vehicle on 5th Avenue North.