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Erickson's Tabletree juice running for Specialty Food Craft Association award

From July 15-21, supporters can cast votes that could help the Creston Valley producer win a $15,000 advertising campaign...
Gary and Susan Snow create Tabletree juices at their Erickson farm.

Since being named the world’s best pure juice in the World Juice 2012 international awards, Gary and Susan Snow’s Tabletree black cherry juice has been become increasingly well known.

From July 15-21, supporters can cast votes that could help the Erickson producer win a $15,000 advertising campaign. The competition, sponsored by the Specialty Food Craft Association, is designed to promote the organization’s goal to “foster a thriving specialty food industry.”

According to the association’s website, a specialty food “derives from some or all of the following characteristics: their originality, authenticity, ethnic or cultural origin, specific processing, ingredients, limited supply, distinctive use, extraordinary packaging or specific channel of distribution or sale. By virtue of their differentiation in their categories, such products maintain a high perceived value and often command a premium price.”

In addition to the free ad campaign, the winners receive a three-day trip to San Francisco. Voters can choose from among more than 300 specialty food producers.

“Everybody can vote once a day — and if you vote every day until July 21 we will put your name in the draw that many times,” Susan Snow said on Tuesday.

The “draw” is the Snows’ own Facebook promotion to help get the vote out. To enter for a chance to win one of three prizes of two bottles of Tabletree black cherry juice, cast a vote at, then email and put “I voted for Tabletree” in the subject line.