Dog bite, hit and run, shoplifting among calls for Creston RCMP

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  • Aug. 4, 2015 12:00 p.m.

Creston RCMP responded to 109 calls from July 27-Aug. 2, the busiest week of 2015, Cpl. Monty Taylor said on Tuesday.

July 27

•Police assisted Trail RCMP with the arrest of two assault suspects.

•An 80-year-old male died suddenly in his home, apparently of natural causes.

•An assault charge is pending after an altercation between two males on Porthill Road.

•A former tenant who wants access to the property was advised to contact the Residential Tenancy Branch for advice.

•A motorcycle pulling a trailer went off Highway 3A near Elsie Holmes Road. Two people were taken to hospital for treatment and then released.

•A person reported being bitten by a dog on Eastman Avenue in Riondel.

•A driver swerved to avoid hitting a vehicle he was following and landed in the ditch on Canyon-Lister Road at Highway 3.

•A vehicle backed into another in the 500 block of Eighth Avenue South. No injuries were reported.

July 28

•Tires were stolen from a vehicle in the 1300 block of Northwest Boulevard.

•Ammunition was turned in for destruction from the 800 block of Canyon Street.

•A gunshot was reported in the Crawford Bay area but the source was not identified.

•A wallet was found on Twin Bays Road.

•Police are investigating a report of a sexual assault.

•Creston RCMP assisted Edmonton police by obtaining a DNA sample.

•When police located a vehicle reported to have passed on a double solid line, the driver said he had made the pass on a dotted line but was unable to re-enter the driving lane before the passing zone ended.

•A wallet found on Highway 21 was returned to the owner.

•A driver who blew a warn on a roadside screening device was issued a three-day driving prohibition and given a ticket. The vehicle was impounded for three days.

•The driver of a vehicle reported to be swerving on Highway 3 was located, but had not been drinking alcohol.

July 29

•Two illegally parked vehicles were towed from near the Goat River Bridge.

•An olive green Kona mountain bike was stolen from the 1800 block of Canyon Street.

•The owner of a dog who was injured by another dog on Customs Road was informed that his desire to be repaid for a $500 vet bill was a civil issue.

•The owner of a dog that was left in a vehicle in a Northwest Boulevard parking lot was warned. Police did not find the dog to be in distress.

•A hit and run in a Cook Street parking lot is being investigated. Police are looking for an elderly female driver of a white car.

•A vehicle collided with an elk on Highway 3/95.

•Another reported sexual assault is being investigated.

•When police conducted a well-being check on an 11th Avenue South resident they learned he was on holidays.

•A Porthill Road resident complained about a neighbor cutting his grass.

•A female found with open liquor on 16th Avenue South was given a $230 ticket. Had she drunk the booze in the liquor store the fine would have only been $58, Taylor said.

•Two males ringing doorbells and running off on 11th Avenue South were not located.

July 30

•An illegally parked vehicle was towed from near Canyon-Lister Bridge.

•When police investigated a report of a loud bang at a Sixth Avenue North residence they found a raccoon that was likely responsible.

•Both parties involved in a domestic dispute on Eighth Avenue South denied an assault was committed.

•No injuries were reported when a vehicle collided with a deer on Highway 95.

•A suspect ran off when owners discovered he had broken into their home on Garden Road in Lister.

•Eleven garden gnomes were stolen from residence in the 600 block of Sixth Avenue South.

•A female skipped from paying her taxi fare in the 500 block of 16th Avenue South.

•An abandoned motorhome that was leaking oil on Highway 3 near Wynndel was towed.

•Police seized a firearm after a verbal dispute between two males on Leadville Road led to it being discharged.

•A male reported to be carrying a firearm while walking along Highway 3 near Kootenay Pass was not located.

•An intoxicated male lying on the ground on 16th Avenue South was checked at the hospital before being arrested and held in cells. He was issued a $115 ticket.

•A campfire attended by about 20 seasonal workers on 33rd Avenue South was extinguished.

•A vehicle collided with a deer near Kootenay Pass.

•A TV was stolen during a break-in to a Cook Street residence.

•An intoxicated 44-year-old female was arrested and held in cells until sober.

July 31

•When police attended another campfire by seasonal workers on Erickson Road they found one had burned a hand and needed hospital treatment.

•A male shoplifted clothing from a Cook Street business.

•Police are investigating a report that a male was assaulted by a female on Canyon Street.

•A driver was given a ticket for failing to yield when he collided with another vehicle on Northwest Boulevard.

•An assault triggered by Facebook comments was reported on 16th Avenue.

•A silver da Vinci mountain bike was stolen from the 3900 block of Highway 3.

•A vehicle collided with a utility pole on Sinclair Road.

•A male dressed in Spandex and carrying cross-country skis was reportedly claiming to be an Olympic athlete and asking Canyon Street pedestrians for money.

August 1

•A duffel bag with a small amount of money was turned into the police station and can be claimed by the owner.

•A driver who rear-ended a left-turning vehicle on Vancouver Street was issued a $368 ticket.

•Two vehicles parked illegally near Canyon-Lister Bridge were towed.

•A male was arrested and released with conditions following a domestic assault on Ninth Avenue South.

August 2

•When police received a report from a father that his son was involved with a religious cult and taking drugs they located the son, who showed no signs of distress.

•A 23-year-old male was taken to hospital after taking an apparent overdose of drugs on Erickson Road.

•Two males found climbing on Kootenay River Bridge were warned.