Creston’s Town Hall vandalized with red paint

Red paint was found all over the front doors, steps, and railing on Sept. 13

The front steps of the Creston’s Town Hall were vandalized with red paint on Sept. 13. (Courtesy of Town of Creston)

The front steps of the Creston’s Town Hall were vandalized with red paint on Sept. 13. (Courtesy of Town of Creston)

The steps of Creston’s Town Hall were targeted by an unknown vandal this week.

During the overnight hours between Sept. 12 and 13, red paint was thrown all over the front doors, concrete steps and railing of the outside of building.

“This was extremely disappointing to see first thing this morning,” said Mayor Ron Toyota.

“Personally, I don’t know how anyone could think that vandalizing a building helps their cause. This simply accomplishes nothing except costing the Town money to clean up and repair the damages.”

It is unknown what message the vandal was attempting to convey, but Toyota noted that the timing of the act coincides with vaccination cards becoming mandatory across B.C. for entry to restaurants, entertainment venues, and fitness centres.

“Even if it is for some other reason, the act of damaging public or private property to express your displeasure is simply a criminal act,” said Toyota.

On Monday morning, Town of Creston staff began the tedious process of removing the paint from the front doors and steps, which resulted in delays to the regularly scheduled work day.

From a distance, it appears that most of the paint has been cleaned up. Unfortunately, the stains that remain on the stairs likely can’t be removed as a large section was replaced with new concrete earlier this year.

“We feel confident that this damage isn’t caused by an individual just ‘pulling a prank’, as there is evidence of a more calculated plan to damage our municipal hall,” said Chief Administrative Officer Michael Moore.

“It is disheartening that someone could justify damaging property, regardless of the reason.”

Anyone with information related to this incident is encouraged to contact the RCMP at 250-428-9313.

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