Creston’s newest chiropractor offers treatment and education

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  • Aug. 11, 2011 6:00 a.m.
Dr. Jesse Moreton is Creston's fourth and newest chiropractor

Dr. Jesse Moreton is Creston's fourth and newest chiropractor

It’s been around since the 1890s, but over a century later, there’s a problem with chiropractic.

“It’s still not part of mainstream medicine,” said Dr. Jesse Moreton, Creston’s fourth and newest chiropractor.

Part of the issue, he said, is that “a lot of doctors don’t understand what we do. There is more variance in the style of chiropractic.”

And that’s given him a goal: to educate others — doctors and patients alike — about chiropractic, something he looked forward to upon entering a profession that grew out a keen interest in anatomy and physiology.

Moreton completed an undergraduate degree in kinesiology at the University of Waterloo, and while studying there, became involved in research and academics. He volunteered in two physiotherapy clinics, became a teacher’s assistant at the university’s human anatomy lab and worked two semesters in an ergonomics lab designing and conducting research studies.

From there, Moreton went on to study at the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College where he continued his research, with four studies published in peer reviewed journals.

“My interest was to get into chiropractic to become a researcher, to bring some legitimacy to the profession,” said Moreton.

One part of his research involved creating and validating tests to show whether people were faking neck injuries after car accidents, while another studied the psychological perception of pain, something he maintains an interest in.

But Moreton found that research wasn’t enough.

“I realized I really liked working one-on-one with people, seeing the change rather than being stuck in the lab,” he said.

He didn’t want to be stuck in the big city, either. A quest for a small town in B.C. — preferably, one with options for outdoor activities — led Moreton and his wife, Sarah, on a road trip from Calgary to Port Alberni.

“We stopped in Creston because a friend in Cranbrook said, ‘You have to see this place,’ ” said Moreton, who was born in Kitchener, Ont., and raised in Owen Sound.

They moved to Creston with their daughter, Violet, last year — and have since added a son, Desmond, to the family — and Moreton opened his practice in his Eighth Avenue home on Feb. 2. A primary health care provider, Moreton focuses on pain relief, rehabilitation and prevention. As a community service, Moreton offers presentations on back and neck care, fall prevention, gardening, golf, headaches, pregnancy and more.

While chiropractic techniques and methods vary, Moreton said that his style is geared toward muscle work, and, in addition to the expected manipulation and adjustment, may include myofascial release and soft tissue therapies.

The treatments combined with preventative measures outside of the doctor’s office should help decrease pain and increase range of motion and mobility.

“You’re addressing the underlying causes, whether they’re joints or muscles,” he said. “People are going to be motivated to make lifestyle changes at home.”

And through it all, Moreton continues to pursue his passion for studying the human body.

“It’s a fascinating machine,” he said. “It’s a puzzle.”

For more information, Moreton can be reached at 250-428-3535 or, or visit