Tamara Movold

Tamara Movold

Creston Valley Food Action Coalition hires employee with CBT grant

Web Lead

  • Feb. 24, 2012 8:00 p.m.

Funding from the Columbia Basin Trust has allowed the Creston Valley Food Action Coalition (CVFAC) to hire a second employee. Until June 1, Tamara Movold is the food action assistant to Creston Valley Farmers’ Market manager Jen Comer.

“We are going to be able to accomplish so much more with Tamara on board,” said Comer.

“I really like how I’m treated as an equal,” said Movold. “I like the freedom I’m given. I have a lot of responsibility for a lot of cool projects.”

She will be writing a blog at Crestonfoodaction.ca, and is developing an incentive package for members and vendors, intended to be rolled out at next month’s Creston Valley Home and Garden Show. She is also contacting the 70 vendors listed in the CVFAC’s Farm Fresh Guide, and working with the Creston Valley Chamber of Commerce to turn the guide from a booklet into a map.

Movold, who also works part-time at Kingfisher Used Books and helped co-ordinate the fall’s town council election forum, appreciates the opportunity to help increase awareness about local food.

“I really like their philosophy,” she said. “On the surface, it’s about providing the farmers’ market, and I can get behind that in and of itself. But it’s not just about providing a market, it’s about education. It’s something I really believe in and really support.”