Creston town council to discuss possibility of becoming a city

Web Lead

  • Mar. 15, 2013 12:00 p.m.

The possibility of Creston becoming a city will be discussed in the fall at council’s next strategic planning session. Steffan Klassen, finance and corporate services director, reported at Tuesday’s regular meeting that Creston can be designated as a city now that its population exceeds 5,000.

Klassen said there are no direct benefits to the designation, but there are costs, including changing legal documents and all signage and stationery. Such a move would require approval of 50 per cent of those voting in a plebiscite, which would also have a cost, he said.

Coun. Scott Veitch asked that council consider the issue, saying it was an opportunity to decide how Creston can best market itself for development.

“This might be an important message to deliver to developers or investors,” he said. “We have to decide whether we see ourselves as a small rural community or a more dynamic place.”