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Creston town council shoots down bear safety bylaw

A bylaw amendment intended to reduce attractants to “problem animals” defeated at the May 8 regular Creston town council meeting...
Creston Town Hall is located on 10th Avenue North.

A bylaw amendment that would have banned backyard bird-feeding except in the winter was defeated at the May 8 regular Creston town council meeting.

Amendments to waste management regulations bylaw No. 1395 were intended to reduce attractants to “problem animals” on properties within the town of Creston.

Two readings were passed at the previous meeting but the final approval failed, with Coun. Tanya Ducharme, a previous supporter, out of town on business on Tuesday.

A motion by Coun. Judy Gadicke to defer the decision until all councillors were in attendance was defeated when Mayor Ron Toyota cast a tying vote. Gadicke cited a previous instance when a decision had been delayed.

The bylaw amendment went down to defeat when Couns. Jerry Schmalz, Wesly Graham and Scott Veitch voted against it. Gadicke and Coun. Joanna Wilson voted in favour. Toyota did not signal his vote because the amendment would have been defeated anyway.

“A councillor pointed out to me later that I have the prerogative to bring back the issue but I won’t be doing that,” Toyota said. “Our staff worked long and hard to create the amendments to address concerns brought to council by Bear Aware representatives last year and as far as I’m concerned the discussion is over.”