Creston students will soon have new accessible playground, school upgrades

In early 2022, Adam Robertson Elementary will feature a space where all kids can play

An example of accessible playground equipment. (Pixabay)

An example of accessible playground equipment. (Pixabay)

Students at Adam Robertson Elementary will soon be playing on a new accessible playground thanks to provincial funding.

This year, New Democrats have increased the annual investment by double, to $10 million, for 60 new playgrounds in 50 school districts.

In September, School District 8 (SD8) received a total of $165,000 for the project, up $40,000 from previous years. x

“Planning for an accessible and sustainable future is exactly what governments are supposed to do,” said MLA Brittny Anderson.

“This new and more accessible playground in Creston, as well as the many electrical upgrades going to schools across SD8, will benefit students, families and educators for years to come.”

The playground at Adam Robertson will be designed with accessible features like ground cover, and ramps or transfer platforms that connect to the play structure – ensuring there’s a place for all students to play.

Playgrounds provide many benefits to children, such as reducing anxiety, improving focus in the classroom, and encouraging outdoor exercise. Engaging in play also helps kids learn to share, build conflict resolution skills, and overcome challenges.

Construction will commence over the next year and should be ready for kids to play on by early 2022.

In addition to this playground in Creston, SD8 received $2.1 million for projects in 2021, which includes electrical upgrades at 21 different schools across the district, and HVAC and dust collection upgrades at Trafalgar Middle School in Nelson.

Annual facilities maintenance grants have also supported school districts to plan and budget for upgrades and maintenance to ventilation systems as students return to class during the pandemic. These investments are a part of the provincial government’s commitment to update infrastructure in B.C. schools to provide safe, enjoyable, and accessible learning environments.

In the budget for 2021, $1.2 billion was allocated for new and improved schools across the province.

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