Creston resident reports computer virus to RCMP

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  • Apr. 11, 2013 11:00 a.m.

Creston RCMP responded to 61 calls from April 1-7, Staff Sgt. Bob Gollan said on Monday.

April 1

•A Hillside Street resident reported being hit with a computer scam/virus, which showed a message saying the “RCMP has locked your computer.” Included in the message was a photo of a family member, indicating the computer had been hacked. The resident was advised to have the computer attended to by professionals.

•Police were called to Centre Road to assist emergency health services personnel with a medical patient.

•A cellphone was reported lost on West Creston Road.

•Riders of quads reported to be driving on Elsie Holmes Road were warned about the illegality of their activity.

•Harassing phone calls were reported by a West Creston Road resident.

•Police were unable to locate a possibly impaired driver of a red Nissan pickup with a #1 on the driver’s door.

April 2

•A cellphone 911 call through the Riley Road tower could not be traced.

•A well-being check of a 16th Avenue North resident revealed everything is OK.

•A Mallory Place resident reported a theft of prescription medications.

•A window was broken at the rear of a church on 10th Avenue North.

•A Northwest Boulevard business owner and a customer involved in a dispute were advised to use civil courts to resolve the issue.

•A vehicle was towed when police conducting a check stop found it was uninsured. The owner was ticketed.

April 3

•A male cyclist was reported to be watching children over the fence in a daycare playground on Cook Street.

•A vehicle backed into another in a Cook Street parking lot. Minor damage was reported.

•A fishing reel was found in the water at Burton’s Cut Beach in Gray Creek.

•A Devon Street resident checked with police before falling for a scam in which a buyer offered to purchase a piano using wired funds in excess of the purchase price.

•Loud noises reported by residents on Ash Street and 25th Avenue South were determined to have been made by fireworks.

April 4

•Police were called to a neighbors’ dispute on Lamont Road.

•Firearms from a Selkirk Road residence were turned in for disposal.

•A threat made over a cellphone was reported by a Corn Creek resident.

April 5

•A driver whose vehicle had been searched at Rykerts border crossing returned to accuse border personnel of stealing an iPod. The iPod was located in the car and an apology was offered.

•A vehicle’s windshield and side front windows were smashed on Dogwood Street.

•A semi collided with five elk on Lower Wynndel Road.

•Police were called to 10th Avenue North to assist EHS personnel with a patient.

•An erratic driver was reported near Canyon Park.

•Minor damage was the result when a vehicle stopping at a crosswalk on 16th Avenue South was rear-ended.

•Police will be contacting a young male driver of a red pickup who passed two vehicles on a double solid line on Highway 21 on the way to the landfill.

•A male reportedly dumped yard waste from his older model pickup truck to the roadside near Old Ferry Landing Road.

•A driver who saw three youths throwing something on Erickson Road at Highway 21 later found three screws in one of his vehicle’s tires.

•Of the 100 vehicles stopped in a road check on Northwest Boulevard only one required police action. A small amount of marijuana was seized.

April 6

•No infractions were found in another Northwest Boulevard stop check of 100 vehicles.

•Patrolling police found a male lying on the ground on Cook Street. He had fallen and broke his ankle and was transported to the hospital.

•Youths were reported to be drinking in two pickups on Canyon Street.

April 7

•A 911 call was traced to a Riondel residence in which the phone line had been disconnected at an earlier date.

•Police did not locate a suspicious vehicle that did a U-turn to avoid the border crossing at Kingsgate.

•Wallets were reported stolen from a truck parked at the Kootenay River Road boat launch.

•A 911 call from Osborn Road was attributed to pocket dialing.