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Creston resident avoids Internet scam by checking with RCMP

An Erickson Road resident saved himself some money when he checked with police prior to getting got in a “secret shopper” Internet scam...
The Creston RCMP detachment is located on 16th Avenue South.

Creston RCMP responded to 91 calls from July 8-14, Staff Sgt. Bob Gollan said on Monday.

July 8

•An Erickson Road resident saved himself some money when he checked with police prior to getting got in a “secret shopper” Internet scam.

•A report of a missing person was canceled shortly after when the male returned home.

•Police were called to 44th Street to assist emergency health services personnel with a male in a medical emergency.

•A vehicle was reported to have been broken into three days earlier. Thieves removed the starter.

•A dispute about logging a 48th Street property broke out between family members.

•A Ninth Avenue South resident reported cash was taken from a bank account in what appears to have been the fraudulent use of an ATM card.

July 9

•Harassing Facebook messages were reported by a Highway 3A resident.

•A satellite radio and coins were stolen from an unlocked vehicle on South Street in Yahk.

•When police conducted a requested well-being check on a female hitchhiker, they found her in a confused state and took her to hospital. She was later reported again, this time wandering and appearing disoriented on Canyon Street.

•Youths reported to be jumping into the water from the Goat River Bridge were gone when police arrived.

•Police were called to a dispute between a tow truck driver and a vehicle owner on Highway 3/95.

•A complaint about loud music came from Elsie-Holmes Road.

•An Eighth Avenue North resident was found to be okay when police conducted a requested well-being check.

July 10

•A report about s suspicious vehicle came from 48th Street.

•Take a deep breath and try to remember where you last had that oxygen machine. It apparently fell off a vehicle on Highway 3/95 and police were able to trace the owner by a Saskatchewan health care number on a sticker.

•An elderly male who left the hospital without footwear returned a short while later.

•A Bathie Road resident in Wynndel complained that a neighbour’s horses were in her vegetable garden. She was advised to contact the Regional District of Central Kootenay.

•A report about a vehicle reported to be driving erratically eastward through Kitchener was forwarded to Cranbrook RCMP.

•Police were called about a landlord-tenant dispute on Vancouver Street.

•A wallet was found on 18th Avenue South.

•A possible drug deal in a Northwest Boulevard parking lot was reported 30 minutes after the occurrence. Police believe the suspects did not hang around reminiscing about the old days.

•No theft was noted in a break-in to a Peters Road cabin in Crawford Bay that happened in the last six weeks.

•Police were asked to check on the well-being of a female on Railway Avenue in Yahk because her car door was open in her yard. She was fine and had left the car door open unintentionally.

•A report of a motor vehicle accident just south of the border was forwarded to Idaho police.

July 11

•A laptop stolen during a break and entry to a church and found when a suspect was arrested was found to contain child pornography, downloaded after the theft, and it has been sent to a crime lab for analysis.

•A purse found on Erickson Road has been returned to its owner.

•A vehicle reported stolen from Kitchener was later located on Highway 3 in the Cranbrook area.

•Another complaint about loud music was received from Elsie-Holmes Road.

•Police could not locate a motorcycle reported to have gone off the road in Riondel.

•A family dispute broke out over who could stay for how long at a Third Avenue South residence.

•A male reported to be fondling himself was gone when police arrived at a rest stop near Kitchener.

•A ticket was issued to a driver who was in a collision on Northwest Boulevard and then ran off on foot, leaving the vehicle running.

July 12

•A 48-year-old female complained that a 59-year old male had called her a vulgar name.

•A male who caused a disturbance on the Kootenay Lake ferry was arrested for being drunk in public and held overnight in police cells.

•A customer gave a fake prescription to a Canyon Street pharmacy.

•A male identified as a thief in a Northwest Boulevard store is being processed through the restorative justice program.

•The thief of 11 bags of beer cans and their owner are working out a mutually satisfactory agreement.

•After a complaint about uttering threats on Highway 3, a male was found to be intoxicated. He was arrested and held in cells until sober.

•No charges were laid when police were called to a Crawford Bay campground where two females were fighting.

•A male who was found intoxicated on 21st Avenue South was arrested and held in cells overnight. His two dogs were taken to the Pet Adoption and Welfare Society for care.

•Police are investigating a report about a male who was reportedly walking on Draper Road in Crawford Bay carrying a rifle.

•A well-being check on a Crawford Creek Road female found her to be in medical distress and she was taken to hospital.

July 13

•A male on Highway 3 denied being in breach of a no-alcohol probation order. He demanded a breath test, then refused to blow when it was offered.

•The owner of a wallet found on Highway 3A said it was missing cash and credit cards when it was returned to him.

•Police received a complaint about a Sunset Boulevard resident appearing nude in his yard.

•A male who was refused entry into Canada at the Rykerts border crossing was escorted back to the U.S. entry point by police.

•Of 100 vehicles stopped in a check at Northwest Boulevard and Devon Street, four had equipment problems that warranted verbal warnings and one driver was issued a ticket.

July 14

•When police found youths who were reported to be noisy on 19th Avenue North they found the kids were taking part in an organized scavenger hunt.

•The welcome to Creston sign on Highway 3 east of town took on a whole new meaning when a 19-year-old female driver swerved across the road and hit it. She was issued a ticket as a memento of the event.

•Police were called to 33rd Avenue South to assist emergency health services personnel with a belligerent patient.

•A person reported missing from a Canyon-Lister Road residence was located and taken to hospital for a checkup.