The Creston RCMP detachment is located on 16th Avenue South.

The Creston RCMP detachment is located on 16th Avenue South.

Creston RCMP week includes breaking up fight between octogenarian brothers

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  • Sep. 17, 2014 5:00 a.m.

Creston RCMP responded to 72 calls from Sept. 8-14, Staff Sgt. Bob Gollan said on Monday.

September 8

•One of two brothers in their 80s chose to move out of their Canyon-Lister Road residence when police were called to break up a fight between them.

•A bike found on Seventh Avenue South was returned to its owner when he called to report it missing.

•A female reported that she lost a diamond ring while playing the piano in the Canyon Street Walkthrough.

•Two vehicles were reported to be driving erratically and passing dangerously on Highway 3/95 but the licence plate numbers provided did not match the vehicle descriptions.

•The driver of a Toyota pickup up who was reported to be driving erratically on Northwest Boulevard was located and warned.

•Police are investigating an alleged fraud on 19th Avenue North.

•The driver of a vehicle pulling a trailer turned too sharply in a Northwest Boulevard parking lot, damaging an older brown quarter-ton pickup. The owner of the brown pickup got into the truck and drove off before he could be told about the damage to his rear bumper. He can get information about the other driver, who reported the incident, from the RCMP.

•A Highway 3 resident reported smelling marijuana but police were unable to verify a source.

•A objectionable message was spray-painted on a vehicle parked at a Highway 3 residence. A person dressed all in black was seen leaving the area at about the same time.

September 9

•A complaint from a visitor from Grande Prairie, Alta., who was receiving harassing text messages was referred to Alberta RCMP, where the messages originated.

•Police assisted a Prince Rupert RCMP investigation by attending a Fifth Avenue North residence.

•A vehicle on Pine Street was struck by a baseball that was hit from a playing field. The players voluntarily moved to a different part of the field to avoid a repeat incident.

•A purple Roadmaster bike was found on Highway 21.

September 10

•A white Dodge Caravan reported to be driving erratically near Summit Creek Bridge was not located.

•A male and female reported to be fighting on Canyon Street were not located.

•Police patrolled Mission Creek forest service road to assist US Border Patrol in checking possible illegal border crossing points.

•When police attended a Clement Road residence they could not locate a person who reported an assault.

•A hiker reported missing on Mount Thompson showed up as a search and rescue effort was being organized.

September 11

•A Porthill Road resident reported a strong smell of marijuana.

•Text messages from a troubled teen in Nelson were referred to Nelson RCMP.

•A minor collision occurred on the Kootenay Lake ferry.

•A vehicle whose driver hit the gas instead of brakes went up the front steps of a Dogwood Street residence and damaged the front door.

September 12

•A male on Erickson Road was reported to be sitting on the ground and making strange noises. He just giggled when a citizen asked if he was OK. Police could not locate him.

•The owner of dogs that have been straying onto a Canyon-Lister Road property has agreed to keep the dogs in check.

•An Erickson Road resident complained that he was being defrauded at a gas station that wasn’t filling his tank as requested. Police attended the gas station with him, where they determined that his gas gauge is broken.

•An overdue hunter near Porthill Road got disoriented in the dark and was unable to find his way out of the bush. He was contacted by cellphone and counselled to stay overnight. He was able to make his own way out when daylight arrived.

September 13

•Police were unable to determine the source of a female’s screams near Dugan Street.

•A hiker was bitten by a dog on Balancing Rock Trail but its male and female owners refused to acknowledge the incident before driving off in a white crew cab. The man needed hospital treatment for the bite.

•A vehicle sustained extensive damage when it collided with a deer on Highway 21.

•When police were called to keep the peace on Hillside Street, the subject of the complaint was gone. They did learn, though, that the caller had an outstanding warrant. He was arrested.

•A hit and run was reported on Murdoch Street.

•A motorcyclist crashed and required hospital treatment when he drove too fast for conditions on Highway 3A near Boswell.

•A report of shots fired in the night near West Creston Road was referred to conservation officers.

•A Hilton Place resident co-operated when informed about a noise complaint stemming from a party.

September 14

•When police conducted a well-being check on a 16th Avenue North resident, they learned she had gone camping.

•A motorcyclist was injured when he lost control of his bike on Highway 3A. He admitted to police he was going about 100 km/h in a 40 km/h zone and was issued a ticket.

•A car and motorcycle collided on Canyon Street. No injuries were reported.

•A domestic incident on Sixth Avenue North is under investigation.

•When police responded to a report of a male causing a disturbance in a Canyon Street business he was gone when they arrived.

•Police received a report that drugs were handed to two youths on scooters in exchange for money on Erickson Road.

•A fight between a male and female adult on MacDonald Street is being investigated. Alcohol was a factor.