The Creston RCMP detachment is located on 16th Avenue South.

The Creston RCMP detachment is located on 16th Avenue South.

Creston RCMP week includes break-ins on Kootenay Lake’s East Shore

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  • Dec. 19, 2013 6:00 a.m.

Creston RCMP responded to 69 calls for service from Dec. 9-15, clerk Theresa Vanderberg said on Monday.

December 9

•An attempted break and entry by prying open doors at a Mountain Shores Road North residence failed. Police are concerned that someone is living on the East Shore by breaking into seasonal residences and then moving on before getting caught.

•A Highway 21 resident reported that someone entered his unlocked home and stole a laptop computer.

•A guest house in the 12000 block of Highway 3A was broken into by cutting a padlock. The house lights were left on and the door was ajar after the culprit left. No damage was apparent, but a bed appears to have been slept in.

•A female resident on Ibbitson Street once again complained about an unwanted male guest.

•An incident in which two females on Centre Road were arguing over $20 was determined to be a civil dispute.

•A nearly new Stihl chainsaw in its case, total value of $400, was stolen from an unlocked shed on Northwest Boulevard.

•A report of a possible fraud came in from a Beam Road resident, who said he had sent a total of $4,500 to meet the demands of a Mexican timeshare company over the Internet.

•A female’s iPhone was stolen from her desk at Prince Charles Secondary School.

•A vehicle went off Highway 3 in the 7900 block and into a fence after the driver lost control in icy conditions.

•Investigating police found no evidence that a person accused of shoplifting on Canyon Street had stolen anything.

December 10

•A red chainsaw was stolen from an unlocked shed on 10th Avenue South.

•Residents of a mobile home park complained about slippery road conditions.

•A male complained about being tailgated and being given the finger on Canyon Street.

•A male from Corn Creek Road has requested a peace bond be posted by his former partner.

•Police are requesting that anyone who witnessed a vehicle clip a cyclist on Northwest Boulevard call 250-428-9313 with information. The driver of a dark SUV or pickup drove off after knocking over the cyclist with a side mirror. The victim was taken to hospital with minor injuries.

December 11

•A warrant has been issued for the arrest of a male who failed to appear in court.

•A female on 19th Avenue South reported that her son and his friend stole property when she ordered them to move out.

•A male was caught driving while prohibited.

December 12

•A well-being check on a male resident on Dogwood Street indicated his was OK.

•Police are investigating a report of a historic sexual assault.

•A male driver went off Cory Road and into the ditch in icy conditions.

•A Wadds Road resident in Crawford Bay was reported to be throwing things in his house after he returned home from a vacation and found his water pipes had frozen and burst.

December 13

•A semi driver’s employer was informed after a male driver reported being tailgated for a long distance down Highway 3 from Kootenay Pass in icy road conditions.

•A ratchet set and other tools valued at $200 were stolen from an unlocked vehicle on Highway 21 South.

•No injuries were sustained by occupants in a vehicle that collided with an elk on Highway 3 near Kidd Creek.

•Two handguns and eight rifles were stolen during a break and entry to a Lakeview-Arrow Creek Road residence. A collection of coins was also stolen and the total value of the stolen goods is estimated to be over $11,000.

•A vehicle rolled back in an 11th Avenue North parking lot, narrowly missing a pedestrian. The driver had failed to set the parking brake.

•A large youth party in a Hilton Place residence where the mother was away resulted in a several complaints and police visits. A vehicle window was broken, a male was assaulted with a crowbar and another male was also assaulted, resulting in the arrest of a male.

December 14

•When police investigated a report that a red Thunderbird had gone off Highway 3A and down a 50-foot bank, they could not locate the driver. She was later found at home in Wynndel, where she had walked after losing control of her vehicle in icy conditions. She was not injured.

•The driver of another vehicle was also found at home after rolling his vehicle on Cook Street at Ninth Avenue South. He was not injured.

December 15

•A Connel Road resident reported the possible forgery of vehicle registration papers.

•A Lakeview-Arrow Creek Road resident reported suspicious tracks around a property but police could find no signs of a break and entry.

•A dog was injured after being stuck by a vehicle on Leadville Road.

•A well-being check on a male resident on Canyon Street indicated he was OK.