Creston RCMP warn Highway 3 driver about tailgating

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  • Jun. 11, 2013 7:00 a.m.

Creston RCMP responded to 58 calls for service from June 3-9, Staff Sgt. Bob Gollan said on Monday.

June 3

•A driver was verbally warned about tailgating, passing a vehicle, then hitting his brakes near Summit Creek after the complainant refused to agree to testify in court.

•Police are attempting to find the Quebec owner of a wallet that was found on Highway 3.

•A driver backed into a vehicle at Pitt Road and Blackmore Road, then drove off after causing minor damage.

•A Lister Road resident found threats left on voice mail in April.

•A male and female reportedly involved in a physical dispute on Eighth Avenue South left in a green van before police arrived.

June 4

•A Vancouver Street tenant was in a dispute with the landlord, who said the property was left dirty and refused to return the damage deposit. They were referred to the Residential Tenancy Branch.

•When police conducted a well-being check on a female in a Highway 3 residence they found her in medical distress. Emergency health services transported her to hospital.

•A driver who was attempting to pass on a double solid line on Highway 3A cut back into the driving lane to avoid an oncoming vehicle. He clipped the vehicle he was attempting to pass and was issued a traffic violation ticket as a memento of the occasion.

•A Wiebe Road resident was advised to post “no trespassing” signs after reporting quads have been on her property.

•Police were unable to locate a red Chrysler Intrepid reported to driving erratically on Highway3.

•A female at the hospital who appeared to have been injured in an altercation refused to co-operate with police.

June 5

•Police investigated a report of a legally blind elderly male driving his vehicle. They learned he stays on his driveway and doesn’t go out on public roads.

•After being called to an Erickson Road residence about a male smashing items during a breakup argument, police found no assault took place. They referred the case to provincial authorities, though, because there were children in the home.

•About $4,000 in property was stolen during a break and entry to a vacant residence on Highway 95.

•Minor damage from a hit and run in a Northwest Boulevard parking lot was reported from the previous day.

•Police provided assistance under the Mental Health Act to a male on Highway 3A.

•Two adult brothers who were fighting in a Riverview Road residence were taken to different homes of relatives to keep them apart.

•Police were investigating a report of shots being fired in the Eighth Avenue South area when they noticed a mother and son in an uninsured and unregistered vehicle, which was towed away. The sounds were determined to have come from firecrackers.

June 6

•Police were called to Anderson Road about a dispute over property in a marital breakup.

•A pineapple thrown at a truck on Eighth Avenue South caused about $500 in damage.

•Police learned while doing a well-being check that a Sixth Avenue North resident was in hospital.

•“Disturbing” text messages were exchanged between a Highway 3A couple who broke up.

•Police are investigating a report of a vehicle that ran a Canyon Street red light, almost hitting a pedestrian.

June 7

•A male who showed up a the police station reporting he was too drunk to walk home was held in police cells overnight and released when sober.

•No injuries resulted when a motorcyclist lost control in gravel on Highway 3A.

•Police were called about a dispute over work done to a vehicle on Goat River Road.

•No determination could be made about how a 911 call was made from 16th Avenue South.

•A former Highway 3A tenant didn’t keep an appointment to collect his belongings from the home after he learned the landlord had reported finding marijuana in the basement after the tenant left.

•The elderly driver of a grey or blue Ford reported to be driving erratically on Canyon-Lister Road could not be located.

June 8

•A 71-year-old female died suddenly in her Sixth Avenue North residence. The death is not considered suspicious.

•An Erickson Road resident reported his neighbor called him a “dickhead” while they were disputing a property line.

•An Elm Street male was reported to be in breach of his curfew conditions.

•In conducting a well-being check on Kootenay River Road, police determined the resident was in the hospital.

June 9

•Extensive damage was reported as the result of a vehicle colliding with an elk the previous day on Highway 3.

•A Hepher Road resident in Boswell complained that a neighbor had come onto his property and dismantled a dirt bike track.

•Minor damage to a vehicle was reported after a collision with a moose on Highway 3.

•A red Mustang was reported to be leaving skid marks on roads in Crawford Bay.

•An elderly male who reportedly fell off his bike on Canyon Street was not located.

•An intoxicated Nathan Beaudry was arrested on Cedar Street for breaching his court conditions. He was remanded in custody pending a hearing.