Creston RCMP staff sergeant meets town council

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  • Nov. 16, 2015 7:00 a.m.

RCMP Staff Sgt. Darryl Hammond formally introduced himself to Creston town council at the Nov. 10 regular council meeting. Hammond, who has 35 years of service in the police service, assumed command of the Creston detachment in late August.

In his first appearance before council, he presented several maps of criminal activity in the area that, he said, will help plan police patrol activity. Hammond will present his first quarterly report to council in January.


Council Briefs

•Municipal services co-ordinator Ross Beddoes presented council with proposals to change water conservation measures to align with new Regional District of Central Kootenay policies. Included in the changes is an automatic imposition of Stage 1 restrictions from June 1-Sept. 30.

•Engineering manager Colin Farynowski commented on a letter from the Lung Association to council outlining concerns about radon gas and its dangers. He said that Creston gets lumped into radon concerns in the Kootenays because there are serious issues to the east and west. Creston has different geology, he said, and radon has not been found to be a significant danger.

He does, however, plan to order some testing kits that will be free to those who want to test their homes.

•A request that Creston’s street signs also include the names of pioneers will be referred to 2017 budget discussions, as the 2016 process is already underway.

•Councillors were informed about a leadership forum to be held in Richmond in February. None immediately indicated an interest in attending.

•Intern Helene Miles reported on plans for a Youth Engagement Strategy committee celebration on Nov. 6 at the Sasquatch. Reports indicate the event was very well attended by youth and local officials.

•Finance director Steffan Klassen told council that the town’s budget is on track to be at or under spending projections, with the exception of the wastewater treatment plant, which has experienced significant challenges this year.

“This is a good snapshot of where we are at,” Coun. Joe Snopek told Klassen. “You do a good job on it.”

•Applications will be made under the 2016 Union of BC Municipalities FireSmart grant program for funds to treat wildfire fuel where Creston properties abut with forested land.