Creston RCMP respond to reports of dog attacks, MVAs

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  • Jan. 12, 2015 8:00 p.m.

Creston RCMP responded to 51 calls from Jan. 5-11, Staff Sgt. Bob Gollan said on Monday.

January 5

•After purchasing an iPhone and iPad from a person travelling through town it occurred to a local male that they might have been stolen so he turned them in to the RCMP.

•A female reported that her dog was attacked by “wolf-like” dogs in Arrow Creek, but residents who the woman believed owned the dogs vehemently denied they had been off the property.

•The company that owns a semi that was reported to have passed a vehicle dangerously on Highway 3A was sent a letter about the complaint.

January 6

•A vehicle collided with a tree near the old Kootenay River ferry landing. No injuries were reported.

•Police assisted provincial officials with a child custody dispute.

•A parked vehicle partially blocking traffic on Highway 3A near Sirdar was towed.

•Police assisted Estevan, Sask., RCMP by serving a summons to an Erickson Road address.

January 7

•A male on Ninth Avenue was arrested and charged with uttering threats and breaching court orders.

•A Ninth Avenue renter complained about a landlord entering the residence and turning off the lights and Wi-Fi. The people involved were advised to work with the Residential Tenancy Branch.

•A vehicle sustained front-end damage in a single vehicle crash on Highway 3.

•A female who called 911 from her 11th Avenue North residence was transported to hospital.

•A male youth reported to be causing a disturbance at a residence on Newman Road in Kitchener was arrested for being intoxicated and held in police cells until sober.

•A youth who ran away from his Riverview Road home was located at the home of friends.

January 8

•A semi cut a turn short on Arrowsmith Road and caught a guy-wire, pulling down a power pole.

•Police are investigating a complaint about a dark pickup driving erratically on Highway 3/95.

•After receiving a complaint about vehicles with noisy mufflers, two residents in the Ash Street area will be contacted by police about the issue.

•A passport and other papers found on Kootenay Pass were turned into the police station.

•A male driver was pulled over on Cedar Street and charged with driving while prohibited and not having insurance. His vehicle was impounded for seven days.

•Police conducted a well-being check on Simon Road at the request of a neighbour and learned that the resident was fine.

January 9

•After investigating a report of two males fighting on Vancouver Street, police determined the altercation was consensual.

•When an Erickson Road resident sold her vehicle, she cut up the licence plates and insurance papers, then was informed that she had to make a police report in order to get another vehicle licensed and insured.

•Police attended a Ninth Avenue South residence to keep the peace while a female picked up some belongings.

•A male causing a disturbance on Canyon Street was arrested for being intoxicated and held in police cells until sober. He was released with a ticket for being drunk in public.

January 10

•When police stopped a driver they knew to be prohibited on 15th Avenue North, he was charged under the Criminal Code and his vehicle was impounded for seven days.

•People reported to be driving snowmobiles and ATVs on 40th Avenue were located and warned.

January 11

•A 1990 Chevrolet Blazer was struck by another vehicle on 14th Avenue, which drove off without stopping.

•Gunshots were reported in the gravel pit on Lloyd Road.

•A passport was found on 16th Avenue South.

•Police were called to a Highway 21 residence when a male youth spat stew at his father and was punched in return.

•A passport was lost on Selkirk Drive.

•A male who had refused to leave a Riverview Road residence co-operated when police arrived.