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Creston RCMP respond to collisions, vandalism

A vehicle collided with two elk on Highway 3, but was able to drive away...
The Creston RCMP detachment is located on 16th Ave. S.

Creston RCMP responded to 92 calls for service from April 30-May 6, Staff Sgt. Gollan said.

May 3

•A vehicle collided with two elk on Highway 3, but was able to drive away from the scene.

•Police received a complaint about a loud party on 16th Avenue, where vehicles also blocked a driveway. Unfortunately, the complaint was made the day after the incident.

•A collision was reported on private property on 20th Avenue South.

•Police helped resolve a dispute between renters on 10th Avenue South.

May 4

•Thieves broke in through a rear door of a Northwest Boulevard business and stole a small amount of cash.

•Police are investigating a complaint of threats on Highway 95.

•A Vance Road resident called to ask police to stop the shipment of shoes back to China after she purchased them on eBay and returned them because they didn’t fit. She was concerned about the legitimacy of the business. Police were unable to help.

•The loss of prescription drugs was reported on Canyon Street.

•The male who was reported last week of not arriving to serve his weekend in jail because he was intoxicated did the same thing again this week. He is now being held until a court determines his fate.

•Three 911 calls routed through the Mount Thompson cellphone tower could not be traced. Laughter could be heard in the background, but no voice message was made.

May 5

•Police are investigating vandalism that occurred during a teen party at a hall on Pitt Road.

•A well-being check on a female on 24th Avenue South revealed that she was okay.

•Police are continuing to try to contact the Alberta owner of a phone that made a 911 call through the Topaz Creek cellphone tower.

•Police discussed gun safety with shooters and their parents after a complaint of shotgun fire at a target was received from the Blackmore Road area.

•Pallets were stolen from a fruit stand on Erickson Road.

May 6

•Police are investigating an assault on Highway 3A.

•Thieves jacked up a vehicle on Northwest Boulevard and stole the tires and rims.

•A motorcyclist sustained minor injuries when his bike went down on Canyon-Lister Road.

•A “loud white Ford pickup” drove around a lawn on a Northwest Boulevard residence.