Creston RCMP respond to break-ins, arguing neighbours

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  • Jan. 27, 2015 7:00 a.m.

Creston RCMP responded to 45 calls for service from Jan. 19-25, Staff Sgt. Bob Gollan said on Monday.

January 19

•Tires were stolen from a car parked at a Northwest Boulevard business.

•A break-in to a seasonal residence on Highway 3/95 resulted in the theft of two chainsaws, a 12-gauge Russian shotgun, a trail camera and alcohol.

•An elderly couple of pedestrians had a verbal dispute with a female driver on Cook Street.

•It is unknown yet what might have been stolen in another break-in near Kingsgate, this time to an RV on King Creek Forest Service Road.

•On Highland Crescent, a dispute between neighbours was triggered when one’s snowblower threw snow onto the other’s driveway.

January 20

•Thieves in the process of stealing tires and wheels off of a truck on Northwest Boulevard were scared off, leaving their jack behind, as well the tires and wheels.

•Police attended a Third Avenue South residence to keep the peace while a tenant was evicted.

January 21

•Police were unable to locate a van after receiving a report that it was being driven by a youth about 12 years old on Lyons Road.

•A warning about a noisy muffler has been sent to the owner of a vehicle after a complaint from Ash Street.

•A male on Ninth Avenue South was identified as being in breach of a court order.

•An elderly male reported to be missing from Ash Street showed up OK several hours later.

•Harassing phone calls to a Cory Road residence were reported. They are related to a child custody dispute.

•Another ongoing dispute took place on 36th Avenue, this one about a family’s disapproval of their daughter’s boyfriend.

•A Mallory Road resident complained about unwanted telephone calls regarding a child custody issue.

•A 50-year-old male died suddenly of natural causes in his Canyon Street residence.

•A suspect has been identified in the theft of a cellphone from 18th Avenue South.

January 23

•Another complaint was received about the family dispute on 36th Avenue North.

•More unwanted telephone calls were reported from Mallory Road.

•Police were unable to confirm the owner of an aggressive German Shepherd that is reported to have been running at large for the last year on Stace Road.

•The fifth 911 call in January from a pay phone in Riondel was received. None have been linked to an emergency.

•Both vehicles were damaged in a rear-end collision on the Meadow Creek Bridge in Kitchener.

•An intoxicated male was arrested on 22nd Avenue South after a complaint by his intoxicated mother.

•A snowball-throwing incident involving youths led to threats made by parents.

January 24

•An rusted old bike was found on 16th Avenue North.

•A Riverview Road resident reported that a pit bull mastiff named Jake and a Great Dane named Keira are missing.

•An Elm Street mother called 911 because she wants her adult son to move out. Alcohol is a contributing factor.

•A large rock was reported on Highway 3A near Boswell.

January 25

•A Riverview Road resident called police because he wanted his girlfriend to go home.

•A vehicle was reported as being driven without insurance on 11th Avenue South.

•Police accepted drugs seized at Rykerts border crossing to be destroyed.