Creston RCMP respond to behaviour complaint

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  • Jun. 8, 2012 4:00 p.m.

Creston RCMP responded to 86 calls for service from May 28-June 3, Staff Sgt. Bob Gollan said on Monday. (The first part of the report can be found here.)

June 1

•A Canyon Street resident was the subject of a behavior complaint in what Gollan describes as an ongoing problem.

•A vehicle sustained extensive damage in Riondel when the driver swerved to avoid an elk and went into the ditch.

•A landlord and tenant involved in a dispute on Elm Street were referred to the Residential Tenancy Branch.

•An Ibbitson Street resident reported an ongoing problem with loud late night noise in the neighborhood.

•Police are investigating a report that a motorcycle reported stolen in 2010 is in the possession of a local resident.

•A youth was found to be in possession of stolen property on Crestview Road.

June 2

•An intoxicated male who arrived at the police station looking for a warm place to sleep got one, after being driven home by his parents.

•Once again, police were called to an Elm Street residence to mediate a dispute between a landlord and tenant. Once again, they were referred to the Residential Tenancy Branch because the dispute did not involve a crime.

•Conservation officers have been notified about a complaint of a group of males target shooting near Meadow Creek Road.

•A driver who was reported to have passed unsafely on Highway 3 in Erickson was given a verbal warning.

•A driver stopped on 36th Avenue North was issued tickets for having an expired vehicle license and no insurance.

•A house was egged on Ninth Avenue South.

June 3

•Police are investigating the reported theft of a Wii on 11th Avenue North.

•An impaired driver on Helen Street threatened police when he was stopped. He was taken to hospital to be checked, then held in police cells until he was sober. He faces impaired driving charges.

•Several males in a group reported to be drinking at Lister Park were located later and held in police cells until they were sober.

•A call to a Birch Street residence on an assault complaint resulted in police arresting two intoxicated females and holding them in cells until sober and issuing a driver with a 24-hour driving ban and impounding a vehicle.

•Police were called to Canyon-Lister Hall, where three males were drinking beer and smashing the bottles against the building. They were issued tickets for drinking in public and voluntarily cleaned up the broken glass before walking home.

•Six untraceable 911 calls were received by police in during the reporting period.