Creston RCMP respond to 50 calls in week of service

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  • Feb. 10, 2011 5:00 p.m.

Creston RCMP responded to 50 calls from Feb. 1-7, Staff Sgt. Gord Stewart said on Tuesday.

February 1

•Creston police served legal documents to a residence in the 600 block of 11th Avenue South on behalf of Calgary police.

February 2

•No injuries resulted when a car and pedestrian collided in the 500 block of 20th Avenue South. The car drove away but the driver has been identified and the incident remains under investigation.

•Police were called to a home in the 2800 block of Highway 3 to check on the well-being of a female. She was taken to hospital by ambulance.

•A resident in the 2500 block of Canyon-Lister Road asked police to escort a male from the property.

•Police responded to a 911 call in the 1500 block of Eastman Avenue in Riondel, where they learned the number had been dialed in error.

•Stewart said the sudden death of a 91-year-old male in the 800 block of Cavell Street is not considered suspicious. Like all in-home deaths, the case is being investigated by a coroner.

•A male visited the police station to report that he had been assaulted by an unknown male, who also threatened him with a weapon. He could not identify a suspect and then refused to co-operate further with the case.

February 3

•A van with three people was reported to be at a residence in the 5400 block of Elsie Holmes Road, a property that has been seized by the Canada Revenue Agency. The vehicle and people were gone when police arrived.

•When police stopped a blue Dodge Caravan at Highway 3 and 41st Avenue the driver showed symptoms of having consumed alcohol. He failed a roadside screening test and was issued a 90-day driving prohibition and the vehicle was impounded for 30 days.

February 4

•A parent in the 2100 block of Ash Street asked for police help in locating a 13-year-old male son.

•Police located a 1992 pickup that was the subject of a complaint about possible drinking and driving. The driver, however, was not in the vehicle and could not be located.

February 5

•Youths who were reported to be in the backyard and on the deck of a house in the 200 block of 20th Avenue North could not be located when police arrived on the scene.

•Patrolling police stopped a black pickup in the 1000 block of Hillside Street. The driver failed a roadside screening device for alcohol consumption and received a 90-day driving prohibition. The truck was impounded for 30 days.

•While investigating a report of a stolen purse, the victim’s suspect denied any involvement in the theft.

•On behalf of Kelowna police, RCMP members attended a residence in the 400 block of Third Avenue South to inform a resident about a death in the family.

•An intoxicated 14-year-old male reported to be unconscious in a residence in the 3500 block of Centre Road was arrested and held in police cells until sober, then turned over to guardians.

February 6

•Police were unable to locate a male in the 1300 block of Northwest Boulevard who called 911 to report he had been cut in an altercation. Police later learned the male went to the hospital on his own.

•A white SUV was reported to be the site of a possible drug transaction in the 900 block of Railway Boulevard, but it could not be located when police arrived.

•The owner of a snowmobile that was reported being driven on Nelson Street in Yahk was warned about the illegality of such activity.

•The owner of a dog reported to have chased children in the 1200 block of Rogers Road was notified about the incident.

•No suspects have been identified after a vehicle owner in the 2200 block of Cedar Street reported a flat tire for the second time in recent weeks.

•A Dodge Ram slid off the road and into a fencepost in the 1400 block of Vancouver Street.

•Police are investigating a report of a possible fraud at a business in the 800 block of Canyon Street.

•A vehicle struck a utility pole overnight in the 3600 block of Church Road. The pole was knocked over onto a parked vehicle, causing damage. The investigation continues.

•A female in the 1100 block of Erickson Street reported being assaulted by her partner. Police are investigating.

•Police attended a residence in the 1600 block of Ainsworth Avenue in Riondel to notify relatives about the death of a next of kin.