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Creston RCMP respond to 44 calls for assistance

Police received 44 calls for assistance from Dec. 10-Dec. 16, Staff Sgt. Ryan Currie said on Tuesday.

Police are warning the public about a new scam that has been circulating around the area in which a caller advises that your vehicle warranty is about to expire and that you can purchase further warranty over the phone with your credit card. If you do receive a call, hang up and call your dealership directly if you have any warranty concerns.

Dec. 10

• Police responded to a report of a possible break and enter at a residence. The report turned out to be false due to the complainant’s high level of intoxication.

• A call from a local motel in which the caller stated that he may shoot someone. The ambulance and fire department attended the call as well. It was determined the caller was worried about his spouse as she was having a seizure, and he did not intend to threaten anyone.

• Police attended to a complaint of a domestic assault. The investigation is ongoing.

• Police responded to a break and enter at a trailer in progress. Police located two suspects who stated that they were just looking into the trailer.

Dec. 11

• Police responded to a report of property damage at a Creston service club.

• A vehicle check for expired insurance found that the validation tag had been stolen.

Dec. 12

• Police responded to a report of threats being uttered at a local bar.

• Police responded to a report of an angry person attempting to offload furniture at a local business after finding out the furniture wouldn’t be accepted.

• Police responded to a report of possible illicit drug sales online.

Dec. 13

• Police responded to a report of an assault stemming from a disagreement over a bicycle.

• Police responded to a disagreement over custody issues.


• Police responded to a report of a suspicious person checking vehicle door handles in Creston.

• Police were called to assist with a medical call in which a person removed a medical device and had harmed himself.

• Police attended a local motel and arrested a suspect who was in breach of his court-ordered conditions by not being in an approved residence and also being in contact with a female under 16 years of age. The suspect is being held in police cells until court.

• Police responded to a report of a suspicious person who had entered an unsafe structure. Police attended and removed the person as no entry was allowed.

• Police assisted in locating a youth who had run away from home from another community.

Dec. 15

• Police responded to a report of threats being uttered during a civil dispute over a property line in Boswell.

• Police responded to a report of a hit and run by a vehicle driving unsafely on the Kootenay Pass.

• Police attended a family dispute in Kingsgate.

• Police attended a dispute between two tenants in which water was poured down vents into the neighbouring apartment.

Dec. 16

• Police attended to assist a person who had stated that he wished to harm himself. Numerous firearms were seized from the residence after the person was taken to the hospital.

• Police responded to a report of a disturbance after one partner yelled at another in a public place concerning a past relationship.

• Police responded to a complaint of Christmas music being played too loud from a residential outdoor display.

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