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Creston RCMP Report: Woman stabs her partner multiple times in domestic assault

From May 30 to June 6, Creston RCMP received 72 calls for service

On June 4, the Creston RCMP were called to a domestic assault and stabbing. A woman reportedly stabbed her partner multiple times.

The accused was arrested without incident and held for a bail hearing. She was later released by the courts with multiple conditions. The victim was transported to hospital.

Creston RCMP would also like to thank the public for their support in identifying the shoplifting suspect from last week’s report. Charges are now being forwarded to Crown Council.

From May 30 to June 6, Creston RCMP received 72 calls for service.

Here are the highlights:

May 30

• Received a report of vandalism to a vehicle.

• Responded to a free roaming intimidating dog. Owner was advised to keep dog on their property.

• Received a report that utility workers did not have enough signage about their work on a roadway. A member attended founding the work area well marked with over five signs reporting the utility work.

• Responded to a mental health complaint.

• Received a report of harassment but was found to be unfounded.

• Assisted with traffic control at a house fire.

• Responded to a traffic complaint.

May 31

• Responded to a mental health check and assistance was given.

• Received a harassment complaint. The suspect was warned to stop contact or charge would be pursued.

• Assisted a motorist who lost a tire who was blocking the roadway. The vehicle was towed at the owner’s expense.

• Received an anonymous report of a disturbance but was unable to locate one.

• Received a report of a single Motor Vehicle Collision.

• Assisted BC Ambulance Service with a patient.

• Received a report from a grossly intoxicated male about being assaulted, but he did not want any actions taken nor did he require assistance.

• Responded to alarm and it was determined to be a false alarm.

June 1

• Received a report of a lost wallet. Owner later called back that someone returned it to his residence.

• Responded to report of a stranded motorist on the summit. Members attended but found no one.

June 2

• Responded to alarm and it was determined to be a false alarm.

• Received a report of a missing employee. Police checked on the employee who reported they had “too much fun” on the lake and was now unable to work.

• Responded to an abandoned vehicle.

• Responded to an unwanted person at a local business. The person was harassing the staff multiple days in a row. The person was advised not to return.

• Received a report of a neighbour dispute.

• Received a report of a semi-truck driving too slow for the complainant’s liking in Yahk/Kingsgate area.

June 3

• Received an early morning dropped 911 call. The call ended up being an accident. Police remind the public to call 911 only in an emergency. Even if a call is an accident, please stay on the line to advise the call taker to avoid police attendance.

• A local business owner reported threats being made by an elderly male with mental health issues.

• Received a report of an aggressive male at the hospital.

• Received a report of neighbour actively damaging the complainant’s fence. Members attended and found that no damage had been done to the fence at all. Members warned the complainant that they will be charged with Public Mischief if they make another false report.

• Responded to an intoxicated suicidal male. Members located the male and apprehended him but he was too intoxicated for a mental health assessment. The male was lodged in cells until sober then re-evaluated and later released.

• Responded to a family disturbance and the parties were separated for the night.

June 4

• Received a report of four people shoplifting from a local gas station. The investigation is ongoing.

• Attended an early morning doorbell ringer. Members located a heavily intoxicated female who could not remember where she lived due to her level of intoxication. The female advised that she was ditched by her friend when out drinking for the night and got lost. Members advised her that she may want to find a new drinking buddy to care for her when she over indulges. The female was lodged in cells and released when she was sober.

• An intoxicated female called and reported that she was having difficulties with using her cell phone and online banking. Members advised that she should speak with her providers about her issues as police are not technical support and can not help her with figuring out her banking or using her phone.

• Member located a speeding vehicle in Erickson. The driver was found to have no license, no insurance and the wrong plates on the vehicle. Multiple Motor Vehicle Act Violation Tickets were issues and the vehicle was removed from the road.

• Responded to three separate egging incidents that occurred over night.

• Received a traffic complainant for an aggressive driver.

• Responded to a missing person who had not spoken with anyone that day. Members attend the person’s residence and located them at their house.

• Attended a domestic assault and stabbing.

June 5

• Responded to a suspicious vehicle. Members conducted extensive patrols but did not locate the vehicle.

• Attended a Mischief to a residence.

• Received a report of a broken down RV on the Summit that was not obstructing the road and would be removed the following day.

• Responded to a Mental Health call.

June 6

• Responded to a report of a person who stayed in a hotel room without paying.

• Received a reports of possible threats being made. The complainant was not worried about the threats but wanted them documented.

• Members located a vehicle driving that was not safe to be on the road. Members had the vehicle removed at the owner’s expense.

• Responded to a report of a found boat. Members were able to locate the owner.

• Responded to a deer vs. car collision. The vehicle was driveable and left. The deer succumbed to the injuries it sustained.

• Responded to a missing elderly female with dementia. Members located the female safe just before dark and ensure she got home safely.

• Responded to a dropped 911 call. It was later determined to be a Fire call and they advised police assistance was not required.

• Received a report from a man that his wallet was stolen. When members called him back it was determined that he had found his wallet and was just very intoxicated and did not know what to do. The man was crying because he found his wallet and was advised that it was best for him to just go to bed. The man was very grateful for this advice and did not know why he did not think of that.

– Report courtesy of Const. Brett Urano

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