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Creston RCMP Report: Seeking public assistance to identify shoplifter

Also in this report, a house gets repeatedly egged, and a couple causes concern jamming out to AC/DC’s Back in Black

From June 7 to 20, the Creston RCMP received 155 calls for service.

The RCMP are requesting the public’s assistance in identifying a shoplifting suspect on Creston RCMP file 2022-1580. If you can identify the person in the photo on this page, please call the Creston RCMP at 250-428-9313.

The Creston RCMP are seeking public assistance to identify this suspect.

The Creston RCMP are seeking public assistance to identify this suspect.

June 7

• Received a dropped 911 call from a residential line. Officers attended and spoke with man who reported he was worried he was going to run out of smokes. The man was advised that it is not appropriate to call 911 when worried about running out of cigarettes.

• Received a report of an aggressive panhandler who left the area before members attended.

• Responded to a request to check on an employee who did not show up to work. It was determined from his past employer that this was a normal occurrence and nothing to worry about.

• On patrol, officers observed a van almost cause a motor vehicle collision. The van had no insurance and was removed from the road. The driver was issued multiple violation tickets for their poor choices.

• Attended a neighbour dispute that was determined to be a civil issue.

• On patrol, an officer located a prolific prohibited driver. She was stopped and arrested. Her motorcycle that she claimed was a bicycle was impounded. She was issued a ticket and released with a court date.

• Received a call from a man wanting to turn himself in on warrants. Officers determined that the man had no warrants and advised him he was not wanted by police. The man was very glad he was not wanted and reported he could now sleep better for the night.

June 8

• Received a report of a suspicious man who was checking door handles. Creston RCMP reminds people to always secure their vehicles and not leave anything of value in sight.

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• Attended a mental health call.

• Attended a local bank to assist staff in removing a person from the ATM area who had stayed the night there.

• Received a report of threats being uttered via text message. The file is still under investigation.

• Responded to a report of a vehicle failing to stop for a school bus when it had the red lights and stop sign activated. Creston RCMP would like remind everyone to stop when the school buses are loading and unloading students with red lights flashing.

• Responded to a suicidal man, transported him to the hospital. Members ensured the patient saw a doctor and received care at the hospital.

• Attended a theft complaint. The matter is still under investigation.

• Responded to a theft of fuel, where the suspect had drilled a hole in the complainant’s gas take to steal the fuel.

June 9

• Attended a vehicle down an embankment and later determined it to be stolen.

• Members assisted a motorist who had locked himself out of his running vehicle.

• Attended a report of an abandoned vehicle. Members located the vehicle and found it was being operated by a man when located. The vehicle had no insurance and driver was found to be committing multiple other violations. Violation tickets were issued, and the vehicle was removed from the road.

• Received a report of an excessive speeder heading to Cranbrook.

• Attended a dropped 911 call when it was accidentally dialed. Creston RCMP requests that if you ever call 911 by mistake please stay on the line and advise the call taker so police will not need to attend.

• Received a report of an alleged assault.

• Attended a disturbance that was just a loud family reunion.

June 10

• Assisted Creston Fire Rescure with notifying local businesses and residences of the dangerous smoke from a fire at the landfill. After an investigation it was determined the fire started from an early morning lightning strike.

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• Received a report of potential harassment between neighbours.

• Attended a report of a vehicle operating with no insurance. The vehicle was removed from the road.

• Attended an abandoned 911 that was determined to be a medical call. BC Ambulance transported the patient to hospital.

June 11

• Located a broken down vehicle and ensured the registered owner’s safety.

• Members assisted BC Ambulance with a medical call.

• Responded to a residence being egged for a second weekend in a row.

• Responded to report of mischief to a vehicle.

• Received multiple reports of licence plates being stolen.

• On patrol members located a speeding vehicle. The driver did not have a valid licence and was issued a violation ticket.

• Members located a man with property that did not belong to him. Members acquired the property and returned it back to the owner.

June 12

• Received a report of bovines on the loose.

June 13

• Took a report regarding a dispute between neighbours.

• Attended a disturbance between two men regarding property.

• Received a report of a drone being flown near a home.

• Attended a report of a suicidal woman. She was apprehended and brought to the hospital where she received medical treatment.

June 14

• Assisted Cranbrook RCMP with a fraud investigation.

• Received a report of a shoplifter.

June 15

• Received a report of theft of liquor.

• A suspect was arrested for assault and was released with conditions.

June 16

• A suspect broke into a local hotel room and attempted to stay the night. The suspect was discovered and fled when he was told the police were coming. The suspect was later identified, arrested, and charges are being forwarded.

• Received a report of teens possibly drinking in a park.

• Received a report of a woman screaming “Get out! Get out!” from a house with music blaring. Members attended locating a happy and intoxicated couple jamming out to AC/DC’s ‘Back in Black’ album. Both were safe and thoroughly enjoying listening to the band.

June 17

• Members attended a mental health call and ensured the party received medical attention.

• Attended a panic alarm that was deemed false.

• Assisted the SPCA with executing a warrant to seize animals.

• Received a 911 call from a man walking who believed his car was stolen. It was later determined that he got lost and found his vehicle a short distance away.

June 18

• Attended an attempted break-and-enter. The suspect tried to gain entry by tearing a screen but failed.

• Members attended a break-and-enter. The suspect entered a residence through an unlocked door. The homeowners scared the suspect off who then fled the area. A police dog was deployed but was unable to locate the suspect.

• Received a report of online fraud.

June 19

• Attended a report of a nude person yelling in Riondel. Members were unable to locate the nude person or anyone yelling.

• On Creston Police file 2022-1563 members assisted Fort St. John RCMP locating and arresting a man for an outstanding warrant. He was held in custody and released by the courts on multiple conditions.

June 20

• Members located an unlicensed driver on the road. The vehicle was impounded and the driver was issued fines.

• A man was arrested for performing an indecent act. Creston RCMP are forwarding charges, and there is no public safety issues.

• Received a report of an abandoned vehicle. After investigation, it was determined the vehicle was legally being stored at the location.

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