Creston RCMP report public drunkenness, lost wallets

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  • Aug. 19, 2015 8:00 p.m.

Creston RCMP responded to 120 calls for service from Aug. 10-16, Cpl. Monty Taylor said about a period that might have set a new record for lost wallet reports.

August 10

•A vehicle collided with a deer on Kitchener Airport Road.

•The owner who left his dog in a pickup truck canopy in the heat on Canyon-Lister Road was warned.

•Police served documents regarding a fraud over $5,000 to a Goat River Road address.

•Shoplifting was reported by a Canyon Street business. No suspect has been identified.

•A break and entry to a shed on Canyon-Lister Road netted thieves a tent, Volkswagen car heater and storage chest.

•An erratic driver reported in Yahk was not located.

•A driver reported to be speeding and driving aggressively on Northwest Boulevard said the complainant was driving too slowly and wouldn’t let him pass.

•When police located a reported suspicious male they found a barefooted man who said he had walked from the Shambhala Music Festival to Creston. He was taken to a Wi-Fi location so he could contact friends for a ride.

•A cyclist bumped into a parked vehicle and drove off. Police located him and issued tickets for being drunk in public, failing to remain at the scene of an accident and riding without a helmet. They also dumped his liquor.

•A mother reported that her daughter had exposed herself to a male during a Skype conversation.

•A 13-year-old runaway from 20th Avenue South was located and returned home.

•A dog that was in a fight with another dog on Canyon-Lister Road required medical treatment.

•A very short male was reported to be attempting to jump into cars on Canyon Street. He eventually jumped onto the logs of a moving truck and was not seen again.

•Patrolling officers saw two males drinking and found one to be intoxicated. He was arrested and held in cells until sober.

•After a dispute between campers in a Yahk RV park about a dog doing his business on a neighbour’s lot, the offender was ordered to move on.

•When police found a man who was reported to be lying down near Highway 3 in Kitchener they found he had been reported missing. An arrangement was made for friends to pick him up.

August 11

•A male in a black hoodie seen rummaging through a vehicle fled when approached by a resident.

•A padlock was placed on a cabin by one party in a dispute over an estate in the 14000 block of Highway 3A.

•A car rental company reported that a Hilton Road resident had not returned a rental vehicle and that his credit card had been declined.

•When police found a male who had been reported to be welding in a dry grassy area near Canyon-Lister Road he was warned about the danger.

•A bicycle was found in the 400 block of Fifth Avenue South.

•An erratic vehicle was reported near Kitchener on Highway 3.

August 12

•No injuries resulted in a three-car collision on Highway 3 in Erickson.

•Thieves failed in an attempt to steal two locked mountain bikes on 22nd Avenue South.

•A female reported the theft of two six-foot garden stakes from her Riondel yard. She then called back to say her husband had moved them to another location.

•A lost motorcycle helmet, jacket and gloves were located at a Helen Street business and returned to the owner.

•When police investigated a complaint that someone was shooting bear bangers at vehicles on Highway 3 the responsible person said he was scaring wild turkeys off his property.

•A wallet was found on 11th Avenue North.

•Rude gestures and unwanted text messages were the subject of a complaint from 32nd Avenue North in a dispute about money.

•No suspects have been identified after a vehicle was dented, possibly by a person falling against it, in the 1400 block of Canyon Street.

•A wallet was stolen from a vehicle in the 1500 block of Canyon Street.

•A collision occurred when a male driver tried to make a left turn from Erickson Road onto 20th Avenue and hit an oncoming vehicle. The driver said he thought he had time to make the turn. He didn’t.

•Police warned the driver of a Chevrolet pickup reported to be racing a gold Malibu on 16th Avenue South.

•An intoxicated male on Highway 21 was given a ride to a relative’s home.

•The driver of a Jeep that went off Highway 3 in the 4000 block was given tickets for driving without due care and attention and having open liquor in the vehicle. He was also issued a 24-hour driving prohibition.

August 13

•A male who was in a confused state when he was found by his car on 20th Avenue South was driven home.

•When police located a driver who was reported to have thrown a lit cigarette from his vehicle he said that he “was not thinking.” He was warned.

•A male stealing a tablet from a Canyon Street business was identified on video.

August 14

•Police checked a nearby motorhome after receiving a call about a break and entry to the aforementioned business. They located stolen goods, including the tablet, that were in the possession of the male and female occupants. They were arrested and charges are pending.

•A male found a machete in the 1200 block of Canyon Street.

•An investigation of an accusation that a bank was stealing funds from a female’s account revealed that she was referring to service charges.

•The previously mentioned male and female also face charges of a tool theft on Lakeview-Arrow Creek Road. The female’s parole has been revoked.

•A passenger suffered whiplash in a two-car collision on 10th Avenue North.

•A Birch Street resident reported a vehicle was vandalized by someone putting fish, cheese and oil into it.

•A harassment complaint from Cook Street is under investigation.

•Gunpowder was turned into police for destruction.

•A male on Beam Road reported his wallet was lost or stolen.

•A female from West Creston reported her ex-husband had breached conditions. Investigating officers learned that he had no conditions to breach.

August 15

•A suspected break and entry in the 3600 block of Beam Road resulted in the theft of car keys and a wallet.

•A broken window possibly connected to an attempted break and entry was reported from Railway Boulevard.

•A lost wallet was reported in the 1000 block of Northwest Boulevard.

•A man reported down near Canyon Street turned out to be a tourist from Spain who was relaxing on the grass.

•A loud explosion and sparks reported on Samuelson Road turned out to be thunder and lightning.

August 16

•A wallet was lost or stolen from a vehicle on 10th Avenue South.

•When policed investigated a complaint about an outdoor fire in the 4000 block of Highway 3A, they also found a male from Quebec who was driving while intoxicated. He was given a 90-day driving prohibition and his vehicle was impounded for 30 days.

•A female complained that her Seventh Avenue neighbour was taking photos of her and her vehicle.

•A male ran through a Goat River Road South property, leaving behind several items.