(Photo by Phil McLachlan)

(Photo by Phil McLachlan)

Creston RCMP Report: Multiple reports of uninsured vehicles

This past week, officers were busy removing unsafe/uninsured cars from the road

Creston RCMP received 52 calls for service from Nov. 14 to 20.

These are the highlights:

November 16

• Received a report of a mischief to a vehicle.

• An officer located an uninsured vehicle and had it removed at the owner’s expense.

• Police received a request to interrogate a person to get some information out of them regarding a lost bank card. The caller was advised that police do not provide this type of service.

• Received a report of a snowball being thrown at a window.

November 17

• Attended a vehicle fire, east of Creston. There were no injuries reported.

November 18

• An officer located a vehicle that was not safe for the road. The driver was unlicensed. The vehicle was towed, and the driver was issued a ticket.

• A short time later the officer located a second unsafe vehicle and had it removed from the road. The driver was issued multiple violation tickets.

• A man called reporting a custody issue. He was advised it would need to be taken to Family Court.

November 19

• Received a report of a wandering doggy. Officers conducted patrols for the wandering canine but it was no longer around.

• An officer removed another uninsured vehicle from the road.

November 20

• An officer took a report of possible threats being made.

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