Creston RCMP report good behaviour at Crawford Bay’s Starbelly Jam

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  • Jul. 24, 2014 6:00 p.m.

Police were impressed with the security and crowd behaviour at Crawford Bay’s Starbelly Jam music festival on the weekend, Creston RCMP Staff Sgt. Bob Gollan said on Monday.

“There were apparently no issues and everything went really well,” he said.

Two RCMP officers patrolled the area to maintain a police presence, Gollan said.


Police Beat

Gollan said the RCMP responded to 70 calls for service from July 14-20.

July 14

•A Lloyd Road resident complained about what was described as a “seven-year issue” with an erratic driver.

•Baa baa black sheep, have you any wool? Yes sir, yes sir, three bags full. Or several bags full, in the case of a person who found the wooly treasure on Highway 3A near Boswell. The person who lost them can make a claim by contacting the police station.

•A black money pouch was lost on Canyon Street.

•Police received a report from Vancouver Street about a possible breach of a no-contact order.

•At Osborne Road, now a popular spot to access the Goat River swimming hole in Canyon, no parking signs are being removed on a regular basis, and illegal parking is becoming an issue. Police are enforcing parking restrictions by ticketing and towing vehicles.

“We will also be doing the same on Highway 21 at Goat River Bridge,” Gollan said. “The only parking allowed is on the northwest side of the bridge, and we will be making routine checks to assure compliance.”

•Reacquainting by rubbernecking. Police located a reported erratic driver on Highway 3 who said he had returned to the area after living here previously and was driving slowly to bring back memories.

•Police attended a Kootenay River Road residence to assist a Kaslo RCMP investigation.

•When police were called to an alleged assault on 19th Avenue North they determined there had been no crime.

July 15

•A break-in victim on Highway 21 has not provided police with information about what was stolen.

•A report came from Canyon Street about breach of a no-contact order.

•A 10th Avenue North resident complained about a neighbour throwing cigarette butts on her property.

•A complaint of a vehicle blocking a driveway came from Osborne Road.

•A motorcyclist was taken to hospital with an ankle injury after he lost control of his bike on Riondel Road.

•A young driver reported to be passing unsafely on Canyon-Lister Road was located and warned about his behaviour in the presence of his father.

July 16

•A injured deer on Highway 3 was dead when police arrived on the scene.

•Police assisted Salmo RCMP by executing a warrant.

•Police assisted Kelowna RCMP with an investigation into a historical assault.

•A female driver reported that her car sustained numerous paint chips when a vehicle passed her on Highway 21 South in a spot where rock chips were spread for seal coating.

•The owner of a cellphone from which a 911 call was made said he had no idea how the number was dialed.

•Kids were reported on top of Pioneer Villa on Ash Street.

•A propane tank was stolen from a 20th Avenue South residence between July 11 and 16.

•A hit and run was reported in a parking lot in Kuskonook Harbour.

July 17

•A male was taken to hospital for observation after a vehicle was rear-ended on Highway 21 at Cedar Street. The driver who initiated the collision was issued a ticket.

•When police stopped a vehicle with a loud muffler on Canyon Street a small amount of marijuana was found and seized. The driver was also ticketed for driving with no insurance.

•A 25-year-old male is in police custody awaiting a court appearance where he will face charges of trafficking narcotics on Canyon Street.

•A second 911 call traced to Elm Street came from the same phone as the previous emergency call. Again the owner had no explanation how the number was dialed.

•A complaint was received about four males jumping from Goat River Bridge into the river. They were gone when police arrived.

•A female on Highway 3A reported that she returned home to find one of her shirts on a chair. She suspects a break and enter, but police could find no signs of entry.

•A Dogwood Street resident reported that three or four males were banging on a window, but fled in a vehicle when he turned on the house lights.

July 18

•A vehicle on 20th Avenue North was rummaged through.

•The subject of a complaint from another driver about a rude gesture blames it on having a middle finger that he cannot bend. Police received a complaint from Silvercrest Road in Kitchener and when questioned, the man said that he often drivers with his arm raised on his window ledge and it can look like he is giving someone the finger. But he isn’t. At least not intentionally.

•A 15th Avenue resident complained that her teenage son had damaged a door.

•The culprit who threw garbage into a ditch on Highway 3 was contacted and instructed to pick up the garbage. Dumping garbage can lead to a $575 fine under the Environmental Protection Act.

•A wallet found on Canyon Street has been returned to the owner.

•When a distressed male was reported on Campbell Avenue, the ambulance crew would not attend until police determined that he was not a danger. He was in a medical emergency and required hospital treatment.

•Shoplifting was reported by a Canyon Street business.

•An intoxicated female was arrested on Elm Street and held in police cells until sober.

•Police located a male who was reported to be driving erratically, passing on double solid lines and failing to stop at an intersection. The Manitoba resident said he was “gawking” and was issued a ticket.

July 19

•A white pickup pulling a hay trailer was reported to be speeding on Indian Road but was not located.

•Police attended a Goat River Road residence to mediate a dispute over storage fees for an old vehicle that had been parked on a property for two years.

•A Majestic Road resident in Kingsgate saw two males drive away from his property in a white Ford Explorer. Missing from his vehicle was cash and morphine.

July 20

•A Good Samaritan police officer turned off a water valve at the College of the Rockies when he learned that an irrigation line had been broken.

•A campground owner on Highway 3/95 was warned that posting signs warning that he would take personal action against vandals was inadvisable.

•No infractions were noted in any of the 60 vehicles that passed through a checkstop on Lower Wynndel Road.

•A speeding driver stopped on East Arrow Creek Road was found also be a prohibited driver.