Creston RCMP reminding residents to lock vehicles

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  • Oct. 23, 2013 9:00 a.m.

Creston RCMP reported another rash of entries into unlocked vehicles late Sunday night.

“Please lock your vehicles,” was the message from Const. Dave Skretting. “It’s an easy thing to do and most of these incidents only involve people who are looking for unlocked doors.”

Skretting was busy fielding reports and didn’t have an estimate of how many vehicles were entered.


Police Beat

In other RCMP news, Creston police responded to 59 calls for service from Oct. 14-20, Staff Sgt. Bob Gollan said on Monday.

October 14

•When police responded to a complaint of a break and entry to a Church Road residence in Kitchener, they found a frequent customer, who was arrested and held in custody pending a court appearance. The male was found not to have broken into the residence, but to be unlawfully in the dwelling. He also faces charges of possession of a weapon in breach of probation conditions and possession of marijuana. Police also found four syringes, “filled with some substance,” on his person.

•The Nick’s Island Road North neighbours’ dispute over a lost and found calf continued.

•A female from Stace Road brought her son to the police station and demanded he be transported to hospital in Cranbrook. She was referred to the local hospital.

•Police attended a Cook Street residence to keep the peace while a male picked up his belongings.

•A dispute about parenting on Riverview Road was referred to the appropriate provincial agency.

October 15

•A warning letter has been sent to the owner of a vehicle that pulled out into traffic from 10th Avenue North, causing other vehicles to brake suddenly.

•An abandoned vehicle in Kootenay Bay was towed when police found it to be obstructing traffic.

•A female resident on Highway 3 reported there were suspicious footprints found in soil beneath her kitchen windows. When police arrived to investigate, the soil had been dug up.

October 16

•Binoculars found on Canyon Street can be claimed at the police station by the owner.

•Pioneer Villa on Ash Street was broken into again. This time, vandals set off fire extinguishers.

•A single-vehicle crash on Canyon-Lister Road resulted in the driver being taken to hospital with minor injuries and a badly damaged vehicle.

•A check by police about a person soliciting donations for Crime Stoppers on 10th Avenue North revealed that the solicitor does indeed represent the organization.

October 17

•An Elm Street resident complained about a child custody issue.

•A phone message left at the police station had the sound of a child screaming. The call seems to have originated in Cape Coral, Fla., and the information was passed on to police in that city.

•A request for a well-being check on a person in another community was arranged.

•A complaint from Sinclair Road about four dead sheep is being investigated.

•A complaint about a hit and run on 15th Avenue North turned out not to be a concern as the offending driver left the appropriate information on the damaged vehicle before he left.

•Police followed up a complaint about a driver hunting from his car. The hunter denied that he had shot from his vehicle and had a deer and valid tag in his possession, so police took no further action.

October 18

•A 2007 GMC Yukon reported stolen from Hillside Street was later recovered in Kimberley.

•A residential alarm on Alder Street drew a visit from police, who were told the owner had forgotten the alarm’s security code.

•A 2010 Honda Civic stolen from a Highway 95 residence was later recovered in Creston near the hospital.

•A dispute over the ownership of a shed was reported in a property dispute on Osborne Road.

•A Cook Street resident reported he had been in a fight but refused to co-operate with police by providing more information.

•A complaint about two aggressive dogs running loose on Ninth Avenue North was referred to the Town of Creston bylaw department.

October 19

•People reported to be fighting on Ninth Avenue South were gone when police arrived.

•Police were called to help emergency health services personnel enter a Maple Place residence so they could treat a female in medical distress.

•The planned towing of a sailboat found near Pilot Bay Road was made unnecessary when the owner showed up to claim it.

•A 2012 Hyundai Santa Fe was stolen from the Gray Creek area on Highway 3A.

•Police responded to a report of a male possibly planning to jump into the water beneath Kootenay River Bridge, but he was gone when they arrived, leaving no sign that he had jumped.

•An intoxicated female who was found lying beside Highway 3/95 was taken to hospital.

October 20

•A complaint of a motorcycle running without lights was received from Bacon Road in Gray Creek.

•Police helped emergency health services personnel enter a Pine Street residence to attend to a medical emergency.

•In the continuing saga of a family dispute on Arrow Creek Road, police received a complaint that a family member had taken a sewing machine owned by her elderly mother.

•Conservations officers will investigate the shooting of four mule deer on private property near Mallory Road.

•A wallet was stolen from an unlocked vehicle on 11th Avenue North.

•Conservations officers will investigate the source of a light reflection on Goat Mountain.

•An 11th Avenue North resident complained about a neighbor raking leaves out onto the road.

•A male who fell off his bicycle on Cedar Street was taken to hospital by ambulance.

•A female who put a vehicle up for sale reported that a friend who was helping with the sale had allowed it to be taken for a test drive. The vehicle was not returned and when she called the number of the prospective buyer, he said he was interested in making the purchase, but that he was having some work done on it in Alberta first. The vehicle is now considered stolen.

•A female, well known to police, reported that a table lamp valued at $300 was stolen from her 11th Avenue residence.