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Creston RCMP receive several false 911 calls

A 911 call traced to an empty Riondel Road residence was attributed to a history of phone problems...
The Creston RCMP detachment is located on 16th Avenue South.

Creston RCMP responded to 64 calls for service from Dec. 3-9, Staff Sgt. Bob Gollan said.

December 3

•Police were called to Canyon-Lister Road to put a deer with two broken legs out of its misery.

•A male behaving suspiciously was reported by a Cedar Street resident.

•A person reported missing from a Kootenay River Road residence was found to be in Alberta on a holiday.

•A 911 call traced to an empty Riondel Road residence was attributed to a history of phone problems at the site.

•A white GMC Sierra bearing Alberta licence plates was reported to be driving erratically near Helen Street.

•Police were unable to get a response at a Sixth Avenue North residence when they arrived to conduct a requested well-being check. They were able to get a key to gain entry, where they found the 87-year-old female resident comfortably asleep in her armchair.

•A Chevrolet Avalanche was stuck in a Northwest Boulevard ditch when a driver attempted to make a turn without seeing the ditch between him and his destination.

•Minor damage was reported when one vehicle backed into another on 12th Avenue North.

December 4

•A 911 hang-up call from Lister was attributed to a malfunctioning phone line.

•A wallet was reported stolen from a vehicle in a Cook Street parking lot.

•A series of break-ins to summer residences in the Kingsgate area in recent months was reported.

•An elderly male driver backed into an elderly female in a Cook Street parking lot, pinning her against a row of shopping carts before driving off, unaware of what he had done. The female was taken to hospital for a checkup, but sustained no injuries. The male’s driving competence will now be investigated.

•A driver reported to be driving erratically on 10th Avenue was stopped at 16th Avenue and Canyon Street and will be issued a ticket.

•A report from 10th Avenue of an inappropriate email was deemed to be not criminal in nature.

•Police were called about emails from a female making disparaging statements about an ex-boyfriend and his current girlfriend.

•A male was arrested and charged with assault after a domestic dispute on 8th Avenue South.

December 5

•Minor injuries were sustained by a male whose vehicle went out of control on an icy Highway 3 near Kootenay Pass.

•A 911 call was traced to an uninhabited seasonal cottage in Riondel.

•When police attended a Duck Creek Road residence to arrest a male in a car theft case they learned the thief had provided a false name to Regina police and that he wasn’t from this area.

December 6

•A fight between two females on 16th Avenue South is being handled by their school.

•Minor damage resulted when a vehicle went off an icy Hazel Creek Forest Service Road.

•Some contents were stolen from a trailer on Helen Street.

•A dog owner has co-operated with police and agreed to secure his dog after it attacked another dog on Meadow Wood Road.

•The theft of pants, keys and a cellphone was reported at the rec centre.

•An investigation of a report of shots being fired near Erickson Road revealed that a resident had set off fireworks to scare away a skunk.

•When police were called about an intoxicated female on Meadow Creek Road they were able to resolve the dispute without further incident.

December 7

•Minor damage was sustained by a vehicle that collided with a deer on Highway 3A.

•No injuries were reported after a vehicle lost control in slush on Highway 3 near Goatfell and rolled several times.

•A vehicle went into a ditch on Highway 3 near Canyon-Lister Road when the driver lost control on slippery roads and swerved to avoid another vehicle.

•A driver reported to be intoxicated on Highway 3A was later located in a residence, where he was warned about the consequences of drinking and driving.

•A female on 38th Avenue was found to be in contravention of a no contact order.

•Police were able to resolve a child custody dispute on Vance Road.

•Two intoxicated males who were hammering at street signs with a metal pipe were arrested and held in police cells in sober, then turned over to guardians. No property damage was found. The sounds of metal striking metal also elicited a report of shots being fired in the area.

December 8

•The owner of a change purse found on 15th Avenue North was located.

December 9

•A 911 call from a Riley Road residence was attributed to children playing.