The Creston RCMP detachment is located on 16th Avenue South.

The Creston RCMP detachment is located on 16th Avenue South.

Creston RCMP receive over a dozen unexplained 911 calls

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  • Jun. 12, 2012 6:00 p.m.

Creston RCMP responded to 94 calls from June 4-10, a week in which police averaged two 911 calls a day in which no emergency could be identified, Staff Sgt. Bob Gollan said on Monday.

Half of those 911 calls were from cellphones which no longer are listed as being in service, others were attributed to phone line problems, possibly the result of heavy rains and some had no explanation by the phones’ owners. None of the calls on the emergency system were actual emergencies.


Police Beat

June 4

•Police picked up a hunter whose vehicle had broken down in the Dodge Creek area.

•Participants in a Highway 3 landlord-tenant dispute were referred to the Residential Tenancy Branch.

•A ring was reported stolen from a Wellspring Road residence.

•A hit and run in a Northwest Boulevard parking lot was reported.

•An estranged couple with a child custody issue was referred to a lawyer.

•Damage of more than $1,000 was reported when a 2011 Ford Focus collided with a deer on Highway 3A.

•A girls’ white, black and yellow Vagabond six-speed mountain bike was stolen from an Erickson Road yard. Anyone with knowledge of the bike’s whereabouts is asked to contact the RCMP so the child can have her bicycle back.

•Police were called to Oliver Road to help emergency health services personnel get a patient to the hospital.

•A 16-foot yellow Voyager canoe that was tied up on Kootenay River near the U.S. border is missing.

June 5

•No theft has been noted into a break-in at a store near the junction of Highways 3 and 95, but a suspect has been identified.

•A 2003 gold Chevrolet Impala was stolen from Seventh Avenue North. Inside the vehicle were identification papers and a credit card, which has been used in Alberta since the theft.

•A grey Ford Escape was reported to have been driving erratically, clipping Arrow Creek Bridge. Police have been unable to locate the vehicle.

•An intoxicated female who was yelling in the Crestbrook Gardens development was warned about her behaviour.

•An erratic driver reported on Highway 3A has been identified and will receive a warning.

June 6

•A business at Highway 3 and Canyon-Lister Road was the site of a break and entry. For a short distance, police followed a trail of cigarettes left behind by thieves as they sped away but the evidence ended before the culprits could be found. The investigation continues.

•A dog owner on Railway Avenue in Yahk has agreed to keep his dogs tied up after they chased some children.

•A person who parked a car on Canyon Street returned to it to find a letter left on the windshield. The letter accused the car owner of stealing a lottery ticket in 2009 and using the proceeds to buy the vehicle. The glitch in the letter writer’s detective work was that the person accused was living in Alberta at the time of the supposed theft.

•If the trailer’s a rockin’… it could be because someone is messing around with the hitch during the night, as a woman reported the day after she was awakened in the Ninth Avenue South yard where the fifth wheel trailer was parked.

•Good on straight stretches, not so good on corners. No injuries resulted when a male test-driving a vehicle lost control on Highway 3 and failed to negotiate a corner, landing in the ditch.