Creston RCMP receive only 39 calls in quiet week

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  • Feb. 9, 2015 11:00 a.m.

It seems that rainy days leading into a long weekend are a crime-reduction tool. Creston RCMP were called to respond to only 39 complaints from Feb. 2-8, Staff Sgt. Bob Gollan said on Monday.

February 2

•A Murdoch Street resident complained about unwanted texts and calls from his ex-wife about a child custody dispute.

•An investigation into a reportedly abandoned vehicle at the rec centre led police to determine it belonged to a person who was instructing a course at the facility.

•A 25th Avenue resident reported sending money to an Ontario dog owner to purchase the animal. The owner reneged on the deal but has not returned the money.

•A hit and run was reported after a vehicle was backed into in an 11th Avenue North parking lot.

•Participants in a landlord-tenant dispute on Crawford Creek Road were advised to work with the Residential Tenancy Branch.

•When police attended a scene in which a vehicle went off Goat River Road and down a 10-foot bank the smell of alcohol was present on the driver. She blew a “warn” on an alcohol screening device and was issued a three-day driving prohibition. The vehicle was impounded for three days.

February 3

•Police were called to the scene of a collision involving a deer on Highway 3 to dispatch the injured animal.

•Police mediated a dispute when a Riverview Road resident complained that a cable television employee was trespassing.

•Creston police assisted Port Coquitlam RCMP in an arson investigation.

•Creston police serve a subpoena to a Simon Road resident on behalf of Columbia Valley RCMP.

February 4

•A dog owner on Hanson Road reported that he had left his dog in the care of an employee last August, and she reported that she had let it run away. The owner found the dog in the care of another female in Lister, who said she had taken it in after finding it running loose. She agreed to return the dog to the original owner.

•The Crawford Creek Road landlord-tenant dispute continued, with the tenant said he had been sent a threatening text message.

•A 24th Avenue North resident reported that she had done online work for which she was sent a cheque from China in the amount of about $61,000. She was directed to send $58,000 of it to another bank account, which she didn’t. After spending $700 of the money received she was informed by the bank that the cheque was NSF.

•A 911 call from Midgely Road was attributed to a pocket dial.

•When patrolling police officers noted two males doing a possible drug transaction they found a small quantity of marijuana on one, which was seized and destroyed.

•When police responded to a report of suspicious activity they located an intoxicated youth. They took him home.

February 5

•Extensive damage resulted when a vehicle went off Lakeview-Arrow Creek Road in slushy conditions and collided with a fence.

•Police attended a Lipinksi Road residence to serve documents on behalf of Cranbrook RCMP.

•A 911 call from Canyon-Lister Rd. was attributed to a telephone problem.

•An alarm at an 11th Avenue North business was triggered by cleaning staff.

•Police were asked to conduct a well-being check on a female when she broke off a phone call to answer the door and didn’t call back as promised. It was eventually determined that she was fine.

•Police arrested a suspect in a break and entry case on behalf of Cranbrook RCMP.

February 6

•When police conducted a well-being check on an Erickson Road male they found him to be in need of medical attention and he was transported to the hospital.

•A white Ford pickup reported to be driving and passing at excessive speeds on Highway 3/95 was not located.

•Police received a call from Pine Street about a child custody dispute.

•Two males who were reported to be damaging property and refusing to leave the curling club were gone when police arrived.

February 7

•Yet another 911 call was received from a faulty payphone on Fowler Street in Riondel.

February 8

•A male who was reported to be sleeping in his Chevrolet Astro for five nights in a Helen Street parking lot had left when police arrived.