Creston RCMP investigate fresh graves

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  • Jun. 6, 2012 6:00 p.m.

Creston RCMP responded to 86 calls for service from May 28-June 3, Staff Sgt. Bob Gollan said on Monday.

May 28

•An investigation of three fresh graves in the Lloyd Road area revealed only deceased dogs in the ground.

•A female from Kitchener reported her brown purse went missing from her vehicle sometime during the day.

•The owner of a vehicle reported to be speeding on Clement Avenue was given a verbal warning.

•A 10-speed bike in poor condition was found on Beam Road.

•A resident on Hagey Road reported the home’s door was opened but no theft or damage was apparent.

•A theft of more than $5,000 in goods from the Kitchener Road area is under investigation.

•An intoxicated adult male was reported to be standing on Highway 3 near Helen Street but police could not locate him.

•A male found in a vehicle on Helen Street was found to have consumed alcohol and was issued a three-day driving prohibition and his vehicle was impounded.

•Police were called to a 26th Avenue North residence, where there was a youth discipline problem.

•A vehicle that swerved to avoid a deer on Lower Wynndel Road went off the road and into the water-filled ditch.

May 29

•An elderly female reported missing from Birch Street was located a short time later.

•The door of a van was found open on Hillside Street but no theft appears to have taken place.

•Police were unable to find a possibly impaired driver reported to be on Erickson Road.

•A Highway 3A landlord reported that a tenant had stolen items valued at less than $5,000.

•A report from Leadville Road that an illegal immigrant is working in the area is under investigation.

•Police are investigating a complaint from Sixth Avenue North about uttering threats.

May 30

•The rear driver’s side door of a vehicle was damaged in a hit and run on 15th Avenue North.

•Creston RCMP were asked to assist Cranbrook police in locating a suspect in an abduction case but an arrest was made before the suspect got to the Creston area.

•Police informed a local resident about the death of a next of kin in an Idaho car crash.

•The owner of a dog that killed a baby goat on Erickson Road has agreed to make restitution.

•When police executed a search warrant at a Wynndel residence they found 55 marijuana plants and a quantity of cocaine. The male renter of the property was arrested and faces charges. The same man was the abduction suspect mentioned in an earlier item.

•An intoxicated male on 11th Avenue was arrested and held in police cells until sober.

May 31

•An unknown male wearing a gas mask was reported to be attempting to light a barbecue. Investigation revealed that the side burner of the barbecue was lit, but the male was wearing a hoodie, not a gas mask.

•Police were called to a dispute over animals between neighbours on Elsie Holmes Road.

•A child custody dispute on Devon Street was referred to the Ministry of Children and Family Development.

•A resident of Highway 3 in the Goatfell area reported missing items in what police determined was an estranged couple dispute.

•No injuries were reported when a vehicle collided with a deer on Pogany Road.

•A stray dog reportedly killed chickens on Sixth Avenue South.

•When patrolling police witnessed a vehicle being driven erratically the driver was issued a 24-hour driving ban and given a ticket for not having a driver’s licence.