Creston RCMP have ‘strong suspect’ in recent break-ins

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  • Aug. 12, 2015 3:00 p.m.

After a flurry of break-ins to homes and businesses in Creston last week, Creston RCMP say they have a “strong suspect”.

“We think we know who is likely responsible,” Cpl. Gerry Sliworsky said on Monday. “But we haven’t been able to locate him.”

One victim, whose residence was burgled while she worked in her backyard garden, said police told her he might have fled the area. Her Vancouver Street home was entered through the front door, and some jewelry and an iPhone were stolen.

On Cook Street, a window was used to gain access to a residence, where credit cards and keys were stolen. The resident later reported her vehicle had been stolen, likely with the thief using the stolen keys.

Tools were stolen from a storage building on the Prince Charles Secondary School grounds and a Cedar Street resident reported missing items including an iPad, laptop computer, liquor and prescription medications. A Ninth Avenue resident was luckier — no entry was gained after a screen was removed from a window. The investigation continues, Sliworsky said.

In the first reported break-in, cash was stolen from an office on Ninth Avenue South after a door was kicked in. Later in the week, a Dewalt impact drill was stolen during a break and entry to a Highway 3 business.


Police Beat

Creston RCMP responded to a year-high 115 calls from Aug. 3-9, a week in which several drivers and their vehicles were taken off the road when they failed roadside alcohol screening tests, said Sliworsky.

August 3

•Coins were stolen from a vehicle on 19th Avenue South, and a male wearing a black hoodie and riding a bicycle was seen leaving the area.

•A domestic dispute on Vancouver Street did not involve violence, Sliworsky said.

•Two Alberta vehicles were reported to be passing on double solid lines on Highway 3 near Lakeview-Arrow Creek Road.

•A rear licence plate was stolen on 23rd Avenue South.

•Charges are pending following a domestic assault on 44th Street.

•A suspicious Alberta vehicle reported on Uri Road was not located.

•A rear licence plate was stolen on Elm Street.

•Police assisted Trail RCMP with a missing person investigation.

August 4

•Another rear licence plate was stolen on Elm Street.

•Police are working to locate a member of a family who had been camping at Drury Point on Kootenay Lake; the family member disappeared, leaving camping gear behind.

•A driver who failed to stop at the Rykerts border crossing — he said he didn’t recognize the customs and immigration building as a border crossing — was located and returned for questioning.

•Two males reported to be smoking marijuana on Canyon Street were not located.

•Police attended a Seventh Avenue North residence to keep the peace in a landlord-tenant dispute.

•A complaint about vehicles stunting regularly on 36th Avenue North was received.

•Ammunition for a shotgun was turned in for destruction.

•A female driver found to be impaired on Canyon Street was issued a 90-day driving prohibition and her car was impounded for 30 days.

•After two reports about a male “beating on vehicles” on Erickson Road and 32nd Avenue South, police located the suspect and found him to be impaired. He was given a 90-day driving suspension and the vehicle was towed.

•Responding to a report about a fight in progress on Highway 21, police arrested one intoxicated male, who was held in cells and released when sober.

•A report of shoplifting at a Northwest Boulevard store was made. Police are investigating the incident, in which an adult male has been identified.

•An intoxicated male was arrested for harassing a 16th Avenue resident. He assaulted a police officer in the process and charges are pending.

•A male rode a bicycle through a yard on Elm Street, then dropped the bike and ran off.

•After locating a person who was reported as a possibly impaired driver, police arrested the intoxicated suspect, who was not in the vehicle at the time. The vehicle was towed.

August 5

•The owner of a cellphone found on Northwest Boulevard was located.

•During a road check in Yahk, police seized a small quantity of marijuana from a Calgary male.

•A quantity of cigarettes was shoplifted from a Canyon Street business. A suspect has been identified and charges are pending.

•An unattended boat was found in the Crawford Bay area.

•A garbage can was set on fire at the Kidd Creek rest stop.

•Illicit drugs were seized from a male and female at the Yahk road check.

•An erratic scooter driver was reported on Valleyview Drive at Hawkview Drive.

•Two intoxicated males who attempted a theft on Cook Street were later arrested and held in cells until sober.

•A vehicle was keyed on Eighth Avenue South and a suspect has been identified.

August 6

•A vehicle’s axle broke when it went over a curb at a Canyon Street business.

•Two chairs and a selection of camera equipment were stolen from Schikurski Park. Missing is a Nikon D3100 camera, Nikon flash and lenses, and other accessories.

•A driver and passenger sustained minor injuries when their vehicle collided with a deer on Highway 3/95.

•A ring was reported lost in Millennium Park.

•The owner of a commercial truck reported to be tailgating on Highway 3 near Yahk was advised about the infraction.

•An unoccupied vehicle on Westview Road rolled down a hill and collided with a garage, causing significant damage.

•Two motorcycles collided on Highway 21 and one driver was treated at the hospital for minor injuries.

•Marijuana and drug paraphernalia were seized from a male and female at a Yahk road check.

•Police are investigating a complaint about threats made to an Eighth Avenue South resident.

•Marijuana was seized from a male at a Yahk checkstop.

•A red Corvette reported to be speeding on Highway 3/95 was located and the driver was issued a ticket.

•Police are investigating a report of possible drug activity on Highway 3A.

•Drugs were seized from a male driver at the Kingsgate border crossing and charges are pending.

August 7

•A male was reported to be carrying a restricted firearm on Russell Avenue in Riondel.

•A hit and run in a Canyon Street parking lot is being investigated.

•A camper on private property on Parker Road was told to move on.

•A minor collision was reported at the Kingsgate border crossing.

•Also at the Kingsgate crossing, an Alberta driver was given a 24-hour driving prohibition. He also faces charges for possessing a prohibited weapon.

August 8

•A search is underway for a driver after Kingsgate customs and immigration officials reported that he did not pull over and stop as directed when he entered Canada.

•A wallet was lost on Erickson Road.

•The possible poisoning of a cat was reported on Ninth Avenue South.

•A female driver was found to be impaired on Highway 3. She was given a 90-day driving suspension and the vehicle was impounded for 30 days.

August 9

•A male driver who was stopped on Highway 21 was given a three-day driving prohibition.

•A field fire caused by a man working on a vehicle near Kitchener was extinguished by firefighters.

•Minor injuries were sustained by a motorcyclist who lost control of his bike on Highway 3A.

•A male was reported to be throwing dog feces from his yard onto Seventh Avenue North, saying he was tired of picking up messes not dealt with by irresponsible pet owners.

•Transient workers parking overnight near Canyon-Lister Road were given a warning.