The Creston RCMP detachment is located at 421 16th Ave. S.

The Creston RCMP detachment is located at 421 16th Ave. S.

Creston RCMP have no suspect in Riondel graffiti complaints

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  • Sep. 8, 2015 7:00 a.m.

A rash of graffiti complaints from Riondel has yet to lead to the identity of a suspect, Creston RCMP Staff Sgt. Darryl Hammond said on Tuesday.

“There have been words sprayed that are quite rude — ones you wouldn’t print in the newspaper,” he said.

A campground sign and trailer were also defaced.

The complaints came in over a three-day span during the week and the investigation continues.


Police Beat

Creston police responded to a total of 73 calls for service from Aug. 31-Sept. 6, Hammond said.

August 31

•Police received a report that a small child was wandering near Highway 3 looking for a puppy that got out of the house.

•The offending driver in a hit and run in a Northwest Boulevard parking lot was identified and located.

•A minor collision was reported on Canyon Street. No injuries resulted.

•An erratic motorcycle driving on Canyon Street was not located by police.

•Police responded to a report of a man down beside Highway 3/3A only to find two travellers having a snooze.

•A person accused of making inappropriate comments to a Cook Street resident was warned.

•A hitchhiker reported to be sitting in the middle of Highway 3/3A was gone when police arrived.

•A vehicle was impounded after it was clocked going more than 40 km/h over the speed limit. The driver was also given a ticket.

•Police were unable to locate the source of shots fired in the Erickson Road area after 10 p.m.

September 1

•A Riondel resident reported being bitten by dog.

•Bear spray was stolen from a Canyon Street business.

•A hitchhiker on Highway 21 at Erickson Road was reportedly throwing objects at passing vehicles.

•A female resident of Crusher Road reported that her bank card had been used fraudulently for international withdrawals.

•A female driver reported to be possibly impaired was located in Kitchener. She was not impaired.

•Police received a complaint about a dog running loose on Cook Street.

September 2

•Police attended an Alder Street residence to help resolve a family dispute.

•A vehicle was damaged when a skateboard fell off a car driving ahead.

•A harassment complaint was made from the 12000 block of Highway 3A, where a female who was moving was being bothered by someone who wanted to buy her vehicle.

•Young children were reported to be riding bikes on Airport Road.

September 3

•A noisy party was reported on 36th Avenue South.

•When police responded to a complaint of threats on 20th Avenue South no one would co-operate with their investigation.

•A bicycle was stolen in Riondel.

•An 89-year-old male died suddenly in his 12th Avenue North residence. The death is not considered suspicious.

September 4

•Police called a conservation officer to destroy an injured deer on Highway 3/95.

•A vehicle abandoned at the Kootenay Bay ferry terminal was towed.

•A male who once impersonated his brother when he was issued a traffic ticket visited the police station to set the record straight.

•Stolen ski equipment was found on Whimster Road.

•A cellphone found on 23rd Avenue South was returned to the owner.

•A female who found cash on Canyon Street turned it over to police, requesting it be donated to a charity if it isn’t claimed.

•A semi that knocked over a traffic light on Canyon Street at 12th Avenue was located and the driver was ticketed.

•A camera was reported lost in Boswell.

September 5

•A driver on Canyon Street at 16th Avenue was found to have been consuming alcohol and given a 24-hour driving suspension.

•An upset hospital patient damaged some doors.

•A driver on Helen Street whose child passenger was not wearing a seatbelt was issued a warning.

•A small black bear was reported to be wandering through a back yard on Ninth Avenue South.

•Police attended a Kootenay Bay residence to notify the occupants of the death of a next of kin.

•A well-being check in Kitchener revealed the resident was OK.

September 6

•A vehicle with expired insurance was stopped on Northwest Boulevard. The driver was warned but the vehicle was towed.

•A stop check on Ninth Avenue and Cook Street found one driver to be impaired. He was issued a 90-day driving prohibition and the vehicle was impounded for 30 days.

•The front door lock of a Northwest Boulevard business was tampered with but no entry was gained.

•A witness reported an out-of-province driver exited her vehicle on Canyon Street at 10th Avenue North and defecated on the sidewalk. The donation was bagged when police arrived.

• Police were called about a separating couple’s dispute over property.