The Creston RCMP detachment is located on 16th Avenue South.

The Creston RCMP detachment is located on 16th Avenue South.

Creston RCMP find some drivers are unaware of hit and runs

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  • Dec. 20, 2012 6:00 p.m.

An unusual series of fender benders occurred in Creston last week, with three of the four being classified, at least technically, as hit and runs.

In each case, Creston RCMP Staff Sgt. Bob Gollan said, it appears that the offending driver did not seem aware that they had struck another vehicle. It is unlikely that hit and run charges will be laid, although in some cases a letter to the superintendent of motor vehicles could prompt a review of the driver’s licence.


Police Beat

Creston RCMP responded to 64 calls for service from Dec. 10-16, Gollan said.

December 10

•The first of the week’s hit and runs occurred on Canyon Street, with minor damage resulting to the parked vehicle. A witness has provided police with a licence plate number and the incident remains under investigation.

•RCMP members are investigating a series of alleged historical sexual assaults that took place in Alberta and B.C.

•Creston police co-operated with RCMP in Rimby, Alta., in investigating a historical assault case.

•Under investigation is a report of an assault by a female on another female at Prince Charles Secondary School.

•Police were unable to trace the source of a 911 call routed through the Summit Creek cellphone tower.

•A grey leather wallet containing credit cards and identification was lost on Canyon Street.

•A dispute on 44th Street between a mother and son was referred to a provincial agency.

December 11

•A female resident on Highway 3 was transported to hospital after calling 911.

•Horses roamed free on Corn Creek Road after they broke through a fence.

•An elderly female driver left the scene after colliding with a vehicle on 14th Avenue North. The investigation continues.

•Creston police assisted Okanagan Traffic Services with an investigation.

•Police were called to a neighbours’ dispute on 10th Avenue South.

•A complaint was received about a loud party on 16th Avenue North.

•A complaint about stray dogs on 16th Avenue North was referred to the town bylaw department.

December 12

•When police conducted a requested well-being check on a 26th Avenue resident they found him in medical distress and the ambulance was called.

•A witness to a hit and run on 16th Avenue South has helped police identify the offending driver. Damage to the vehicle was more than $1,000.

•A wallet was lost on 16th Avenue North.

December 13

•A theft of cash was reported after a break and entry to a Northwest Boulevard business.

•A complaint about stray dogs was made from Nick’s Island Road.

•Police are assisting a provincial ministry in the investigation of a possible fraudulent benefits claim by a Goat River Road resident.

•A vehicle passed a school bus displaying flashing lights on Northwest Boulevard.

•Two males reported to be fighting in a Cook Street parking lot were gone when police arrived.

•A Northwest Boulevard business reported the shoplifting of a Dewalt drill and charger by a male and female.

December 14

•A check on a report of children missing from Maple Place revealed a severely intoxicated mother whose teenage son had managed to get his siblings off to school. The appropriate provincial agency has been notified.

•A vehicle reportedly passed four stopped school buses that were displaying flashing lights on Ninth Avenue North.

•A wallet found on Canyon Street has been returned to the owner.

December 15

•A family dispute resulting in a 29-year-old male damaging a vehicle on Highway 3A was investigated.

•A railway crossing sign was stolen from the Duck Creek Road rail crossing.

•No injuries resulted when a single vehicle went into a Highway 21 ditch and rolled over. Extensive vehicle damage was reported.

•Shoplifting was reported by a Northwest Boulevard business.

•Two males whose boat capsized in choppy Kootenay Lake waters managed to get safely to shore, where they were located by search and rescue volunteers.

•A Northwest Boulevard resident complained about harassing phone calls.

•Christmas decorations were stolen from an Ash Street yard.

•Two sets of candy cane Christmas lights were stolen from a Birch Street yard.

•A deer and vehicle were undamaged in a collision in Kitchener.