Creston RCMP enjoy a quiet Christmas week

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  • Jan. 4, 2013 6:00 p.m.

The Creston RCMP had a relatively peaceful Christmas week, and received 50 calls for service from Dec. 24-30, Staff Sgt. Bob Gollan said on Monday.

December 24

•A vehicle landed in a tree when the driver swerved to avoid “a small animal” on Highway 3A and went off the road. The driver then fell out of the vehicle and rolled down into a ravine. He was taken to hospital to be checked out.

•The driver of a vehicle that passed on a double solid line on Highway 21 was issued a verbal warning when police located him.

•A person breaching a no contact order was reported on Canyon Street.

•Police were called to a residence on Rocky Point Road in Wynndel to assist with a family issue.

•A vehicle reported driving erratically on Hillside Street could not be located by police.

•Harassing phone calls to a Vance Road residence in Erickson were reported.

•Minor damage resulted when a vehicle collided with a deer on Highway 3.

•Creston police assisted Smithers RCMP in the investigation of complaint of uttering threats.

•Police determined all was okay when they conducted a well-being check at a 16th Avenue North residence.

December 25

•Merry Christmas! The only call to the RCMP was a false alarm at a Northwest Boulevard business.

December 26

•An intoxicated male on 16th Street was arrested and held in cells until sober.

•A 72-year-old male was found dead in his home on Mountain Springs Crescent. Natural causes were attributed.

•Police found no entry had been gained to a Canyon Street business when the front entrance was found unlocked.

•A white diesel pickup in which people were suspected of consuming alcohol left Yahk Settlement Road before police arrived.

December 27

•Under investigation is a fight between two males outside of a Canyon Street pub. One was hospitalized with injuries.

•A complaint of phone threats was made from Hearst Avenue in Riondel.

•A five-foot plastic snowman was reported stolen from a yard on Erickson Road on December 19th.

•Minor damage resulted when a vehicle went off Highway 3/95.

•Two bicycles were reported stolen from a Dogwood Street residence.

•An investigation of a report of uttering threats from 10th Avenue North concluded the complaint was unfounded.

•A well-being check at a Highway 3 residence revealed the resident was okay.

•Tailgate parties are pretty much out of the question for a local resident after the tailgate of his 2013 GMC Sierra was stolen from a Canyon Street parking lot.

December 28

•An Erickson resident turned in an old shotgun to be destroyed.

•Police checked on the well-being of a child on Canyon-Lister Road at the request of a provincial agency.

•Packages were stolen from a vehicle in a Cook Street parking lot.

December 29

•Thieves attempted to steal an older Tundra snowmobile from a garage on Kootenay Pass but were unsuccessful. It is suspected they might have been after a pair of new Ministry of Transportation snowmobiles.

•A 16-year-old male walking on Highway 3 near Kootenay Pass was found to be OK.

•A female occupant of a vehicle that rolled over onto its roof after leaving Sanca Creek Forest Service Road was taken to hospital with undetermined injuries.

•A horse reported to be on the Highway near Rykerts was gone when police arrived.

•Two vehicles went off Highway 3 and collided with barriers. No injuries were reported in either incident.

•A male reported to be walking with a rifle and spotlight on Granary Road was gone when police arrived on the scene.

December 30

•A male who was reported to have uttered threats on Riverview Road on Dec. 29 was arrested after causing a disturbance at an Elm Street residence.