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Creston RCMP deal with male watching female staff at business

A male watching female staff through the window of a Cook Street store was warned by police to stay away...
The Creston RCMP detachment is located on 16th Avenue South.

Creston RCMP responded to 88 calls from April 9-15, Cpl. Charlotte Joa reported on Monday. (The first part of this week's report can be found here and the second can be found here.)

April 14

•A male watching female staff through the window of a Cook Street store was warned by police to stay away, and said he would not go back.

•An assault resulted when a female visited her ex-partner’s Ninth Avenue home to pick up some photographs. After the male came outside and assaulted her, she tried to force her way inside and damaged the door. The male was arrested.

•A landscaping company was burning leaves in an alley behind 15th Avenue North, causing smoke to enter a home. Police were tied up with a higher-priority call (the above assault), and the landscapers were gone when they arrived.

•A car was keyed overnight on Hillside Street.

•An eight-year-old in Lister was embarrassed after giving in to a friend’s dare and prank calling 911.

•Patrols could not locate a male with a rifle near Highway 21 and Snider Road.

•A male youth was arrested for being drunk in public and held in cells until sober after RCMP visited a group at the corner of Seventh Avenue and Pine Street who were reportedly smashing bottles and fighting.

•The owner of a bar on Northwest Boulevard was having a private party without a special occasion permit and overserving guests. The party was shut down when police arrived.

April 15

•The male who had previously been watching female employees at a Cook Street business returned, so the store drafted a no trespassing letter, which RCMP served and the male signed.

•A male visited a home on Lakeview-Arrow Creek Road, asking for directions to Vancouver and Trail, and for food. Police searched the area but could not locate the male.

•A male reported an intoxicated female destroying things in a residence on McDonald Road in Kitchener. She was taken to cells and released when sober.

•A female on 11th Avenue called the police stating an ex-spouse was at her residence demanding to see their children, against the orders of the Ministry of Children and Family Services due to behaviour and substance abuse. When police arrived, he started shouting and showed signs of drug abuse.

•A male passed out in front a Canyon Street bar was not responsive and taken to hospital for treatment, where it was discovered he had opiates and marijuana in his system.

•Nothing appeared out of the ordinary when police investigated a report of shots fired on Canyon-Lister Road.