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Creston RCMP calls include man hiding in closet from 'someone'

Police attended a Northwest Boulevard address where a male was found hiding in a closet, talking on the phone...
The Creston RCMP detachment is located on 16th Avenue South.

Creston police responded to 87 calls for service from July 15-21, the RCMP’s Chris Harland said on Monday.

July 15

•Police attended a Northwest Boulevard address after receiving a report of a female yelling. She said there was no problem, but a male was found hiding in a closet, talking on the phone. The reason given was that “someone” was after him.

•A resident of J.R. Blackmore Road reported that a male making ape-like noises attempted to enter the home. He fled, perhaps swinging from tree to tree.

•A male who was reported to have attacked a female in a local campsite two days earlier was arrested for assault and uttering threats.

•A driver headed east on Highway 3 was reported to possibly be intoxicated. Creston and Cranbrook police did not locate him.

•A 911 call reported two children left unattended in a vehicle in a Northwest Boulevard parking lot. A police officer found that the windows were open and the temperature was 21 degrees outside.

•A male called from Helen Street to say he was assaulted by his girlfriend’s parents. The parties resolved the situation.

July 16

•A male turned himself in at the police station because there was a warrant out for his arrest.

•A male who reportedly threatened and assaulted another male on 15th Avenue North was arrested and later released on conditions.

•A Dodge pickup was damaged in a hit and run in a Northwest Boulevard parking lot.

•A wallet was lost in the 300 block of Helen Street.

•An intoxicated male attempting to enter unwanted into an apartment on Cook Street was not located.

•A 16-year-old who was the intended victim of a knife-holding robber in the 1500 Hillside Street punched the attacker in the face and ran home. The investigation continues.

July 17

•A Lakeview resident expressed concern about a neighbour’s pit bull running at large.

•Police served a subpoena on behalf of Rosetown, Sask., RCMP.

•A male reported he was a fraud victim after discovering that cheques in his name were deposited to an incorrect bank account since 2002. Police are investigating.

•An iron gate was damaged in the 400 block of 18th Avenue South.

•A male was arrested after being accused of assault by a female in the 1200 block of Northwest Boulevard. The investigation continues.

July 18

•Mischievous goofs repeatedly threw a lottery sign from a local store out onto Canyon Street.

•An intoxicated male youth was arrested for being drunk in public and held in police cells until sober.

•A resident in the 700 block of Devon Road complained about speeding vehicles being an ongoing problem.

•Speeding vehicles were reported in the 3100 block of Erickson Road.

•No injuries were reported when a blue Hyundai pulled out onto Highway 21 and was struck by an oncoming vehicle.

•A serious fire might have been averted when a police officer checking on an alarm in a residence thought he could smell smoke. Fire department personnel attended and found a hotplate had been left on when the resident left. They determined that a fire would likely have broken out in the next hour if the problem hadn’t been noted.

•A male broke into a residence in the 1400 block of Vancouver Street and assaulted another male. He was arrested and remained in custody at press time.

July 19

•Police could not locate a barking dog that was the subject of a complaint in the 1800 block of Ash Street.

•An iPhone was reported stolen in an unspecified park.

•Police continue to investigate a break-in to a Canyon Street store. They were unable to locate the thief, despite the fact he left a trail of Kit Kat chocolate bars in his wake.

•The driver of a semi has been charged with failing to yield the right-of-way after an oncoming Chevrolet Tahoe ran into his vehicle when he was making a left turn from Northwest Boulevard onto Highway 3 at the Highway 3/3A junction.

•A scene that looked like it was created by Gallagher, the mallet-wielding comedian, was all that remained after a truck loaded with watermelons took a corner too fast and tipped over on Highway 95 near Kingsgate. No injuries were reported but the melons did not survive the impact.

•A driver was ticketed for reversing unsafely and leaving the scene of an accident after he backed into a parked vehicle in a Helen Road parking lot. When contacted at his home in Calgary he said he had checked and couldn’t see any damage to the other vehicle. He has agreed to pay for any repairs.

•Police are investigating a report of bullet holes in an outbuilding in the 3800 block of Lakeview-Arrow Creek Road.

•A black GT Racer snow sled was found in the back yard of a residence in the 1400 block of Vancouver Street. It can be claimed at the police station by its owner.

•An intoxicated female was arrested in the 200 block of Sixth Avenue North and held in cells until sober.

•A female who complained about a barking and untended dog on Majestic Road in Kingsgate was referred to the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and the Regional District of Central Kootenay.

July 20

•When police investigated a complaint about a youth making threats, the family agreed to deal with the issue.

•After a break-in to a residence in the 15000 block of Crawford Creek Road, a suspect threatened and assaulted a male, then fled. Police are attempting to locate the assailant in what is believed to have been a retaliatory crime.

•A white Samsung Galaxy cellphone was found on a bench behind Millennium Park. The phone is locked with a password and can be claimed at the police station by its owner.

•Police could not locate a male and female reported to be fighting outside a local motel.

•Despite driving slowly with windows down and playing loud country music, a patrolling officer was unable to locate a horse reported to be loose on Hood Road.

July 21

•Police are investigating a complaint about an unwanted male who got into a Riverview Road residence.

•Two occupants of a vehicle that struck a power pole in the 3600 block of 46th Street required hospital treatment.

•A driver was warned after police received a report about a black Chrysler speeding and passing on a double solid line in the 5000 block of Highway 3A.

•A motorcyclist had left the scene when police arrived to investigate a crash into a concrete barrier on Highway 95 at Railway Avenue.

•Two fire extinguishers were set off during a break and entry to the unoccupied Pioneer Villa on Ash Street.

•Both vehicles were damaged in a crash in the 1300 block of North-west Boulevard. No injuries were reported.