Creston RCMP calls include hit and run, loud party

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  • Sep. 19, 2013 8:00 a.m.

Creston RCMP responded to 53 calls for service from Sept. 9-15, Staff Sgt. Bob Gollan said on Monday.

September 9

•A complaint about a loud party was received from Hillside Street.

•A Black Diamond headlamp was found on Goat Mountain Road.

•A Canyon Street store reported that a banned customer had entered the premises and was refusing to leave.

•A child’s Super Cycle Fracture bicycle with orange rims and pegs was stolen from 10th Avenue South.

•A parked vehicle was hit by a car that drove off on 19th Avenue North. Damage to the rear driver’s side was reported.

•When police responded to a report of a male slumped over at the wheel in a vehicle with hazard lights flashing they found he was merely waiting to meet up with friends.

•An Erickson Road orchard owner reported trespassers had stolen a quantity of apples from his trees.

•People on a store roof in the 1000 block of Canyon Street were gone when police arrived.

September 10

•A suspicious vehicle reported on the Bayonne Creek Forest Service Road was not located.

•Nelson RCMP destroyed 99 marijuana plants in an outdoor grow op at Tye on Kootenay Lake.

•A Highway 3 resident reported receiving unwanted text and Facebook messages in a family dispute.

September 11

•A break and entry to a building at a Yahk campground yielded thieves an undisclosed amount of cash.

•A white fold-up bike with 20-inch wheels was stolen from a Cedar Street residence.

•A motorhome was involved in a minor collision on Valleyview Drive.

•A child’s car seat reported to be on the side of Highway 3A near Holbrook Falls was not located by police.

•Police were called to assist conservation officers with an injured bear near Kootenay Pass.

•No infractions were found when 50 vehicles were checked in a stop check on Cavell Street.

•An intoxicated female on Elm Street called 911 but was found not be in any sort of stress, other than severe intoxication.

September 12

•Some travel trailers on Goat River Road were broken into in the last week but owners have yet to check them for signs of theft. The investigation continues.

•Unwanted Facebook contact with a youth was reported from Ninth Avenue South.

•A B-train was reported to be driving erratically near the Kootenay Bay ferry terminal.

•A Good Samaritan prevented a person he suspected of being intoxicated from getting into a vehicle and driving. When police arrived at the Highway 3 location, they found he was suffering from health problems and called an ambulance to take him to hospital.

September 13

•Parents from 10th Avenue North took a small quantity of marijuana they found in their child’s possession for police to destroy.

•A Northwest Boulevard business is requesting that charges be laid against a shoplifter.

•A person reported to be behaving erratically was located by police, who arranged to have him transported to hospital.

•Police are looking for witnesses who saw a black van with newspaper covering its windows parked near Adam Robertson Elementary School. Two males were in the van.

•A minor injury was reported after a car backed into another in a Canyon Street driveway.

•A 19th Avenue resident reported an assault threat.

•Police are requesting a warrant for the arrest of a male who failed to appear at the police station to serve his weekend jail sentence.

•Police were called to Clement Road about neighbours yelling accusations at each other. Ten minutes after leaving, they were called back upon learning the two were now fighting.

September 14

•An intoxicated male reported to be threatening violence at a Riley Road party left when police were called.

•A neighbours’ dispute resulted in a couple of calls to the police from McDonald Street.

•A wallet was reported lost on Atlin Avenue in Kitchener.

•A male was reported to be acting suspiciously in Pilot Bay Provincial Park.

•A vehicle squealing tires was reported on both Northwest Boulevard and 10th Avenue North.

September 15

•A diaper bag carrying an iPhone was reported lost on Highway 3A near Sanca.

•A 911 call from a cellphone could not be traced. The message heard by dispatchers was, “That was not supposed to happen.”