The Creston RCMP detachment is located at 421 16th Ave. S.

The Creston RCMP detachment is located at 421 16th Ave. S.

Creston RCMP calls include fight over dying man’s iPad

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  • Mar. 2, 2015 10:00 a.m.

Creston RCMP responded to 62 calls for service from Feb. 23-March 1, many of them frustrating, untraceable 911 calls, Staff Sgt. Bob Gollan said on Monday.

February 23

•Police were called to the hospital, where two females were arguing about the ownership of a dying man’s iPad.

•No injuries were reported after a vehicle collided with a deer on Highway 3A.

•A female driver reportedly fell asleep on Highway 3A. Her vehicle drifted off the road to the right, hit a soft shoulder, then veered across the road and into a rock cut. She was checked out on the scene by paramedics but did not go to the hospital.

February 24

•The first of about a dozen untraceable 911 phone calls came through the Whimster Road cell tower.

•A Cook Street resident turned in a rifle for destruction.

•An intoxicated male was arrested on Scott Street for his fourth breach of no-alcohol court conditions. He was remanded in custody until he could appear before a judge. He pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 30 days in jail and given two years’ probation.

•A Kubota side-by-side RTV was discovered to be missing from a Northwest Boulevard business.

•When police responded to a report of a toddler riding a bike in traffic on Canyon Street at 16th Avenue, they found him to be in the company of his father, who was spoken to about supervising his children.

•Food items were stolen during a break-in to a 10th Avenue South residence. A thief gained entry by breaking through a side door window.

February 25

•A vehicle that stopped at a Hillside Street intersection was struck by another vehicle on its left front. The offending driver didn’t stop. She was located a few days later and issued tickets for failing to remain at the scene, driving without due consideration and making an improper left turn.

•Police spent time trying to trace 911 calls through cell towers on Sylvester Road, Riley Road, Whimster Road and Thompson Mountain. Then, tracing another call from the Topaz Creek Forest Service Road tower, they were told by the female phone owner that she had fallen asleep on her phone and must have dialed 911 accidentally.

•A complaint was received about a black Mustang with dark tinted windows roaring up and down Canyon Street.

•Another untraceable 911 call came through the Sylvester Road cell tower.

•Another report came through about the black Mustang. This time, three individuals had driven up to an 11th Avenue residence in it, then tried to contact a male resident. He jumped off a balcony and fled to another residence, at which his pursuers kicked in the door. He was able to escape into the bush before police caught the three suspects. Two males and a female were arrested for break and entry and assault.

•An intoxicated male who was found lying on Mallory Road was taken to hospital for treatment, then arrested and held in police cells until sober.

February 26

•No charges resulted from a hair-pulling fight between two females at Prince Charles Secondary School.

•A grey truck from which garbage flew off on Highway 3/95 was not located.

•Police are investigating a shoplifting incident on Canyon Street after video surveillance captured the image of a theft of an electronic item.

•A Third Avenue South resident reported a suspicious male at the door. Police soon determined he was a Telus representative.

February 27

•A driver on Kootenay River Road complained about the intensity of a headlamp worn by a female jogger. The driver also commented that pedestrians and joggers who don’t wear reflective clothing at night are very difficult to see.

•Police assisted Nakusp RCMP by serving a summons on Vancouver Street.

•A 28th Street resident reported being bothered by a male over a 17-year-old financial dispute.

•Dirt bikes and quads were reportedly being driven on Pogany Road.

•Police were unable to locate a male who was reported to have staggered down Canyon Street before entering a white GMC Sierra and speeding off.

•Another “suspicious” male on 12th Avenue was also a Telus representative.

•Untraceable 911 calls came through the Riley Road and Whimster Road cell towers. Another 911 caller was traced, but the cellphone user denied having made the call.

February 28

•When police conducted a well-being check on 11th Avenue South they learned the resident had left town.

•Of 21 vehicles checked in a check stop on Northwest Boulevard, only one was issued a warning.

•An erratic purple Intrepid reported on Highway 3 near Yahk was not located.