Creston RCMP calls include family dispute, loud dogs, well-being checks

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  • May. 17, 2016 2:00 p.m.

Creston RCMP responded to 50 calls for service from May 9-15, Cpl. Gerry Sliworsky said on Monday.

May 9

•A complaint was made when a threat to share personal photographs on the Internet was received. Police determined the photos were not compromising and provided advice.

•A warning letter has been sent to the owner of a vehicle reported to be loud and speeding on Canyon Street.

•A backyard fence was reported damaged by a 16th Avenue North resident, who suspects the damage might be caused by trespassers.

•Police were called about a dispute about a repair bill but the issue was found to be a misunderstanding.

•Loud barking dogs, an ongoing problem on Lower Wynndel Road, were cause for a complaint that has been referred to the Regional District of Central Kootenay.

May 10

•An assault reported on Canyon Street near 16th Avenue North is being investigated.

•A 75-year-old male died suddenly of apparent natural causes in his Erickson home.

•The door of a holiday trailer in Yahk was pried open but no determination of theft has been made.

•Police mediated a family dispute in Kitchener and a safety plan has been put in place.

•At the request of a family member, a male relative was located and found to be OK.

May 11

•A male reported his vehicle stolen by an ex-girlfriend, but the investigation revealed it was shared property and provided appropriate advice.

•A male who went off Canyon Street at Sunset Boulevard and struck a light post was issued a 24-hour driving prohibition.

•A cordless power drill was found in a ditch near Twin Bays. The owner can claim it at the police station by identifying the article.

•A report was received about a vehicle going into a ditch on Highway 3 at 33rd Avenue South, but the vehicle was gone when police arrived.

May 12

•A flagger at construction site in the 4200 block of Highway 3 in Erickson reported a driver talking on a cellphone.

•Police assisted Rykerts border personnel with an unco-operative person who was attempting to enter Canada. He was returned to the U.S.

•A warning letter was sent to the owner of a vehicle parked in a handicap stall on Canyon Street.

•Police advised a mother who has concerns over the person her daughter is dating.

May 13

•A vehicle ran a stop sign on Erickson Road at Highway 21 and fled at a high speed, causing police to abandon pursuit.

•Two people attempting to enter Canada at the Kingsgate border crossing were found to have warrants from another province. The warrants did not require their arrest and the people were released.

•A small quantity of marijuana was found in a vehicle on Erickson Road and the matter remains under investigation.

•A parked vehicle was damaged in a hit and run in the 2000 block of Canyon Street.

•When police located a Ford Explorer reported to be driving erratically on Highway 3A near Wynndel, the local driver was not impaired and he said he was merely avoiding potholes.

•A report was made about an adult and youth walking along Highway 3 near Topaz Creek but police did not locate them.

•A well-being check on Eighth Avenue South revealed the resident was OK.

•A male reported to be possibly in breach of court conditions in Erickson was not located.

•A female from Riondel who had been transported to Creston hospital by ambulance was released with no way to get back home. Police helped her find a motel room for the night and the room was kindly donated by the owners.

May 14

•A licence plate was stolen from a vehicle on 14th Avenue North.

•Threats were made during a neighbours’ dispute on Lakeview-Arrow Creek Road.

•A sedan reported to be driving erratically on Highway 3 was not located.

•Police received two complaints about possible shots fired on Goat River Road. An investigation determined the noise was made by firecrackers.

•A large and noisy birthday party on Highway 3A in Wynndel was a police concern until the owner arrived back home.

•A vehicle went through a fence near a sharp corner on Erickson Road but it was gone when police arrived.

May 15

•Police checked on a possibly suicidal female at the request of her mother and determined she was OK.

•An assault was reported on Canyon Street at 16th Avenue North but the female victim refused to co-operate with police.

•A son was warned after making threats to his mother at a Highway 21 South residence.