The Creston RCMP detachment is located at 421 16th Ave. S.

The Creston RCMP detachment is located at 421 16th Ave. S.

Creston RCMP calls include domestic dispute, jerry can theft

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  • Feb. 23, 2016 8:00 p.m.

Creston RCMP responded to 74 calls for service from Feb. 15-21, Staff Sgt. Darryl Hammond said on Monday.

February 15

•A vehicle caught on fire on Cory Road but there were no injuries.

•A barbecue found in a Pine Street alley is believed to be trash that was dumped.

•Charges are pending following a domestic dispute on Cook Street.

•A group mailbox near the Kootenay Bay ferry landing was damaged on Feb. 11, repaired soon after, and then damaged again on Feb. 15.

•The owner of a business vehicle reported to be driving erratically on Highway 3A near Wynndel has been notified.

•A complaint about a possibly fraudulent Internet sales site in Calgary was determined to likely be legitimate.

•Police were called with regard to a family dispute over finances in East Arrow Creek.

February 16

•A vehicle was reported to be doing burnouts on the Crawford Bay Community Hall field.

•No problems were found during a checkstop of vehicles in Crawford Bay.

•Two vehicles went off Highway 3 on an icy curve near Goatfell.

•The theft of about $40 worth of gas in a jerry can was reported on Birch Street.

•A letter to the owner has been sent after a vehicle was reported to be passing on a double solid line on Highway 3A near Duck Creek Road.

•A vehicle with a loud exhaust was reported on Highway 21 at Canyon Street.

•An abandoned vehicle with an expired licence plate was reported on Cook Street.

•An 85-year-old male died suddenly in his Kuskonook home of apparent natural causes.

February 17

•A vehicle struck a pail of oil in the 4000 block of Highway 3, sustaining $3,000 in damages and spreading oil over he road.

•Keys and ID were stolen from a vehicle on Erickson Road.

•A wallet found on 36th Avenue North was returned to the owner.

•A vehicle that raced through the Kingsgate border was eventually stopped by Cranbrook RCMP. The incident involving a Spokane driver is being investigated by the RCMP and Canadian Border Services Agency.

•Charges are pending in a single vehicle crash on Eighth Avenue South. The driver was injured and driving the vehicle with permission of its owner.

•The owner of a vehicle has been warned, and denied that a child was seen riding on a passengers lap on Northwest Boulevard.

•Vehicle occupants were injured in a collision with a deer on Highway 21.

•Creston police were asked by Saskatchewan RCMP to deliver news of a death to next of kin.

February 18

•A 911 call from Regina Street was made as a result of a pocket dial.

•A shotgun was turned in for disposal from a Wilmot Road residence.

•When police saw males acting suspiciously on 11th Avenue North, they stopped them and determined one had a warrant out for his arrest.

•A break-in to a Yahk residence last week netted thieves a variety of items, including frozen food and two firearms. The investigation continues.

•The ongoing problem of a loud, high-pitched noise in the 6000 block of Highway 3 has not been resolved.

•A tree was reported to be blocking Highway 3.

•When police received a report of an eastbound prohibited driver the case was referred to Cranbrook RCMP, who stopped the vehicle and are investigating.

February 19

•A male visited the police detachment to assist with an investigation by Nanton RCMP.

•Police attended a collision involving two vehicles and a pedestrian in a Cook Street parking lot.

•A neighbours’ dispute was reported in Kitchener.

•A reported missing purse in Canyon was located in the owner’s home.

•An elderly driver moving slowly and weaving was reported on Highway 3 in Yahk.

•Information about a suspicious person was called in from Canyon Street at 14th Avenue.

•An injury resulting from a broken window was reported on Simon Road.

February 20

•Numerous items were stolen from two vehicles and a garage in Erickson, including binoculars, a GPS, hunting knife, beer and pickled eggs and sausage.

•A theft from a vehicle in a 20th Avenue South driveway was reported.

•Tools valued at about $1,000 were stolen from a garage on Canyon Street in the last 40 days.

•An erratic semi driver was stopped on Highway 3 at Canyon Street, where he told police he was tired after waiting for the highway to reopen following an avalanche control operation. He was found to have an unmaintained logbook and charged accordingly.

February 21

•When police stopped a vehicle that had rolled through a stop sign on Dogwood Street at 20th Avenue South the driver was found to have consumed an excess of alcohol and issued a 90-day driving prohibition. The vehicle was impounded for 30 days.

•A person sustained a minor dog bite injury on Elm Street, and a dispute with the dog’s owner ensued.

•A cellphone found in the 3900 block of Highway 3 was returned to its owner.

•A suspicious male reported in Yahk was determined to be living in his car while looking for work and a place to stay.