Creston RCMP calls include attempted tractor theft, domestic assault

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  • Feb. 8, 2016 6:00 p.m.

Creston RCMP responded to 76 calls for service from Feb. 1-7, Staff Sgt. Darryl Hammond said on Monday.

February 1

•Damage resulted when thieves attempted to steal a tractor from a Northwest Boulevard business. An anti-theft device thwarted the theft and police are reviewing video images for clues.

•A small dog bit a Canada Post delivery contractor on 23rd Avenue North. The owner is being co-operative with police, Hammond said.

•A vehicle with a flat tire was reported to be blocking a driveway in the 6900 block of Highway 3A.

February 2

•Police were called to assist with a violent patient at the hospital.

•Although the victim is not co-operating, police are recommending charges following a domestic assault on Eighth Avenue South. A male is in custody pending a court hearing.

•Bear bangers were heard in the Eighth Avenue South area at about 3 a.m.

•A renter on Sixth Avenue South complained about rent increases.

•An abandoned vehicle was reported on Kootenay River Road.

•A purse containing a passport was left at a Canyon Street business. The owner was en route to the West Coast and arrangements were made to get it to her.

•Four adult males and two children who were overdue on their planned return from a snowmobile trip in the Maryland Forest Service Road returned safely the following day in the company of search and rescue volunteers after spending the night in a cabin.

February 3

•Police executed an arrest warrant in Kitchener on behalf of another police department.

•Police spoke to both parties in an ongoing dispute on 11th Avenue North.

•A vehicle collided with a deer on Highway 3 east of Creston. No injuries were reported.

•Police are investigating an assault involving two males in Kingsgate.

•Charges are being pursued in a domestic assault case on Scott Street despite a non-co-operative victim.

•A dog theft report on Mallory Road was resolved when the dog was returned. The owner does not want to pursue charges.

February 4

•An injured elk near Yahk had to be destroyed.

•A Whimster Road resident complained about a neighbour’s dog running loose.

•A landlord-tenant dispute was reported on Eighth Avenue South.

•A complaint was made from Mallory Road about threats made with regard to a vehicle purchase.

•A warning letter has been sent to a driver reported to be speeding and passing on a double solid line on Highway 3 near Yahk.

•Unwanted visitors were reported at an 11th Avenue South residence. Alcohol was a factor.

February 5

•A suspect has been identified following a road rage incident near the intersection of Highways 3 and 3A. The driver is accused of driving dangerously and assaulting two occupants of another vehicle. Charges are pending.

•A vehicle occupant sustained minor injuries after it went off an icy Highway 3 near Topaz Creek and down a 25-foot embankment.

•Minor damage resulted after a two-vehicle collision in the 1200 block of Canyon Street.

•Flares and ammunition were turned over to police for destruction by an Erickson resident.

•A disturbance was reported on Dogwood Street.

•A vehicle without a licence plate was impounded near Canyon Street and Railway Boulevard.

•A well-being check on Mallory Road indicated the resident was OK.

February 6

•A vehicle stolen from Blackmore Road was located soon after on a field near Lyons Road. Police are investigating video evidence and fingerprints.

•A witness reported a theft at a Canyon Street business.

•A Kingsgate resident reported threats.

•A wallet found on Packing Shed Road is being returned to the owner.

•Police were unable to locate the source of possible shots fired in the 20th Street area.

•A bullying report at a school is being investigated.

•No injuries were reported after a vehicle went off Highway 3A in the 12000 block and collided with a tree.

•A cellphone found at a business in the 1000 block of Northwest Boulevard was returned to the owner.

•An erratic driver was reported on Highway 3 in Erickson.

•A police visit to a party that included youths on 18th Avenue South found two intoxicated people, one who is being charged for being drunk in public.

February 7

•A report was received about a loud bang and bright light flash on Sixth Avenue North but no source was found.

•A vehicle went off Highway 3 near Blazed Creek and had to be towed.

•Police were called to a Fourth Avenue North resident to assist emergency medical personnel with a patient.

•A iPad and book were stolen from a Sixth Avenue South residence.

•A well-being check on an elderly female resident on Ash Street revealed that she was in hospital.

•A person reported to be driving while impaired was located but was not driving at the time.

•A stop of a vehicle on 15th Avenue North found a driver who had been consuming alcohol and a 12-hour driving prohibition was issued.