Creston RCMP briefs from Jan. 13

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  • Jan. 21, 2012 12:00 p.m.

Creston RCMP responded to 58 calls for service from Jan. 9-15, Const. Dan Cameron said on Monday.

January 13

•A driver from Alberta reported his vehicle had gone off the road on an icy Highway 3 in this area, with more than $10,000 in damage resulting.

•A warning letter has been sent to the registered owner of a vehicle that passed a school bus displaying flashing red lights.

•A warning letter has been sent to the registered owner of a Ford Escape that nearly hit two vehicles near 40th Avenue and Highway 3.

•Bing. Bang. Bong. A car stopping at the direction of a flagger on an icy Northwest Boulevard played the lead in a four-vehicle bumper thumper as the next three drivers were unable to stop before hitting the vehicle in front of them. No injuries were reported.

•The owner of a 90-pound dog that was attacked and injured by a much smaller Rottweiler on Canyon Street is seeking compensation for a veterinarian’s bill of more than $800.

•When police checked a vehicle that had been parked near the U.S. border they determined the occupants were forestry workers surveying cut blocks.

•A Red Deer-bound driver who failed a roadside screening device check at the Kingsgate border crossing was issued a 24-hour driving prohibition.

•An alleged assault involving two intoxicated Riondel males is under investigation.

•A driver was given a three-day driving prohibition after blowing a “warn” indication on a roadside screening device for alcohol on Kootenay River Road at a police check stop. Another of the 10 drivers stopped was issued an order to have vehicle repairs made.