Creston male injured in alleged obstruction

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  • Oct. 10, 2012 7:00 p.m.

The Delta Police Department has been called into investigate an incident involving Creston RCMP in a local pub on early Saturday morning.

RCMP were called by pub staff to remove a female patron who was refusing to leave the establishment. While arresting and removing the female, a male patron obstructed and was injured in the confrontation with police officers, according to RCMP Cpl. Dan Moskaluk.

The male was transported to hospital for treatment and neither police officer was injured.

Creston RCMP continue to investigate the obstruction case, while Delta municipal police are investigating the use of force in making an arrest.

In other police news, Creston RCMP responded to 76 calls from October 1-7, Staff Sgt. Bob Gollan said on Tuesday.

October 1

•Police are looking for two males associated with a vehicle that was found with 200 pounds of cut marijuana in a rural area. The vehicle and marijuana were seized and the investigation continues.

•An intoxicated female on Elm Street who called 911 told police a male had finally left her home when she called police.

•A Canyon Street business has had dozens of nails pounded into the roof by unknown persons.

October 2

•A male caused a disturbance at a provincial agency on 10th Avenue North.

•The possible sexual assault of an underage female by an adult male was reported from Highway 21.

•Police cut and seized 150 marijuana plants from an outdoor grow op on Placer Forest Service Road.

•A remote control car was found on Elm Street. It can be claimed at the police station by the owner.

•A warrant was executed at a residence on Goat River Road, where police located and seized 126 marijuana plants and several bags of marijuana. A 41-year-old male suspect was arrested at the scene.

•Road signs found lying near Summit Creek Park were brought into the police station.

•A 25th Avenue South resident reported his ATV being stored at a friend’s residence was stolen in the last month.

•A warning letter was sent to the owner of a black GMC Sierra pickup reported to be passing on double solid lines on Canyon-Lister Road.

•The owner of a vehicle from which a lit cigarette was tossed was warned about the action by police.

October 3

•200 marijuana plants were seized from an outdoor grow op on Goat River Road.

•A bicycle was found on Erickson Road.

•Police were called to 18th Avenue South about a dispute between a father and his daughter.

•No injuries resulted when a vehicle collided with a deer on 6th Avenue South.

•When police attended a Cook Street residence to arrest a male on two outstanding warrants they found he was in possession of a prohibited weapon, which was seized.

October 4

•Police attended a 44th Street residence about a domestic dispute and found the intoxicated female to be unco-operative.

•A 72-year-old female died in hospital after being attended to by Emergency Health Services personnel at her Stace Road home.

•A Good Samaritan turned in a wallet, complete with money and identification cards, that he found on Highway 3. The wallet and contents have been returned to their owner.

•Loud music was reported on Scott Street, Canyon Street and 6th Avenue North.

October 5

•An intoxicated female who passed out on 9th Avenue South was taken to hospital for observation.

October 6

•No entry was gained in an attempted break and entry to a vacation home on Riondel Road.

•A white IPhone with black case was lost on 12th Avenue North.

•15 marijuana plants were seized and destroyed near the Crackerjack Forest Service Road.

•When responding to a 911 call, RCMP found five intoxicated people, none of whom admitted to making the call.

•An intoxicated male and female were arrested at a 7th Avenue North residence after police responded to a 911 call. They were held in police cells until sober, then released.

October 7

•A driver who was stopped by police on police on 10th Avenue North was found to be in possession of a rifle without the required license. The rifle was seized and will be returned when the necessary paperwork is provided.

•No theft appears to have taken place in a break and entry to a cabin on Riondel Road.