The Creston RCMP detachment is located on 16th Avenue South.

The Creston RCMP detachment is located on 16th Avenue South.

Court order breach, family dispute and more for Creston RCMP

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  • Jun. 5, 2014 8:00 p.m.

Creston RCMP responded to 54 calls for service from May 26-June 1, Staff Sgt. Bob Gollan said on Monday.

May 26

•Investigating a report of a possible vehicle in the river near Highway 3/95, police discovered the colored metal was an old highway sign.

•A breach of a family court order was reported from a Cook Street residence.

•The report of an injured deer on 33rd Avenue North was referred to conservation officers.

•A vehicle sustained damage when it swerved to avoid pieces of a blown out truck tire.

•Police were called to an ongoing property dispute between family members on 20th Avenue South.

•A 911 call from a Maple Street address was attributed to a misdial of the directory assistance number.

•A dog owner has agreed to keep his pet confined after it ran out after a dog being walked along Lakeview-Arrow Creek Road.

•Police were unable to locate an intoxicated male who was reportedly nearly struck by a train at the Cedar Street crossing.

May 27

•A request to locate a person locally by the Castlegar RCMP was carried out successfully.

•It was reported that a female told people camping on 38th Street that she had been assaulted. She had driven away in a black pickup when police got to the scene.

•An Evans Road resident turned in a revolver to be destroyed.

•A complaint about a senior with poor driving habits was referred to the superintendent of motor vehicles.

•A car owner was warned by telephone about a complaint that a dog was left untended in the vehicle when it was parked on Canyon Street.

•The owner of a vehicle that passed a stopped school bus displaying flashing lights on Canyon Street was warned when he was located later.

•An intoxicated male who fell on Elm Street was taken to hospital.

•A female who was reported to have taken her father’s vehicle without permission was located in Castlegar.

May 28

•When police investigated a complaint that a vehicle had been driven across a front yard, damaging flowerbeds, they found a driver who said she didn’t realize the lot was someone’s yard.

•A driver reported a hit and run to his parked vehicle during a trip from Vancouver to Cardston, Alta.

•A 10th Avenue North resident turned in ammunition for destruction.

•When police contacted the designated property representative for Yahk Elementary School, the person stated a refusal to cross the picket line to check on the building.

•A driver provided a credit card at a Highway 3 gas station, then filled up the tank and drove off, at which point the attendant learned the card had been cancelled.

May 29

•A Lexus owner reported a hit and run that damaged his parked car in December.

•When police investigated a complaint of a person living in a van on a seasonal property on Highway 3/95, they learned the camper had permission of the owner.

•Police are investigating the possible sighting of a missing person.

May 30

•A female on Hillside Street reported that her 48-year-old son had not returned home as scheduled. He arrived a short time later.

•A warning was given to an erratic driver reported on the highway, who said he was overtired.

•When police investigated a report of missing iPods at a Clement Road residence, one was found in a laundry basket while they were at the property.

•A car theft suspect was identified on Canyon Street by the victim.

•Police are investigating a complaint that a driver speeds along 25th Avenue South daily at more than double the posted limit.

•A male reported to be sleeping in the post office was gone when police arrived.

May 31

•A red Dodge Caravan reported to driving erratically on Highway 3 with an elderly male at the wheel was not located.

•Police were called to what they determined to be a civil dispute about a vehicle’s ownership on Ninth Avenue South.

June 1

•A report of gunshots was made from Scott Street.

•A report of four sports cars travelling at a high rate of speed eastward on Highway 3 was referred to Cranbrook RCMP.

•A wallet was reported lost on Cavell Street.

•Alcohol was a factor in a landlord-tenant dispute on Erickson Road. They were referred to the Residential Tenancy Branch to find a resolution.