A truck went through a barrier on 26th Avenue North and landed on its roof on Crawford Street on May 7.

A truck went through a barrier on 26th Avenue North and landed on its roof on Crawford Street on May 7.

Children building fort without supervision reported to Creston RCMP

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  • May. 12, 2015 4:00 p.m.

Creston RCMP responded to 67 calls for service from May 4-10, Staff Sgt. Bob Gollan said on Monday.

May 4

•Police received a complaint that children at Yahk Elementary School are using spikes, hammers and other tools to build a fort without adult supervision.

•The owner of an aggressive dog on Bowe Road in Crawford Bay has agreed to keep the animal penned.

•A cellphone that fell off a bike on Highway 3A was picked up by a vehicle, which then drove away. The phone was later located using a lost cellphone app.

•Police assisted Grand Forks RCMP with a sexual assault investigation by interviewing a witness.

•A male who fell off his bike on Vancouver Street was taken to hospital.

•A male called from the hospital to ask for police help because he felt staff were taking too long to evaluate his girlfriend.

•A Ninth Avenue neighbours’ dispute involving cameras and the dumping of garbage required a police visit.

•The owner of a vehicle reported to be driving erratically on Highway 3 has been sent a warning letter.

•A driver who did burnouts in a Cavell Street parking lot was issued a ticket for driving without due care and attention.

•Police received a complaint that a local female has been sending letters containing inappropriate content to prisoners in Belgium.

•A house window was apparently shot with a BB or pellet gun on Kitchener’s Airport Road.

•When police checked a complaint on 15th Avenue North about a male being verbally abusive, they concluded no assault had taken place.

May 5

•A report about a deer stuck in a fence on 11th Avenue South was referred to conservation officers.

•A parked car rolled down Dugan Street and collided with a telephone pole.

•A warning has been sent to the owner of a black GMC Sierra pickup reported to be driving erratically in a school zone on Highway 3.

May 6

•An iPod found in the Goat River was turned into police. It is not working.

•A hitchhiker reported that when the vehicle he was riding in on Highway 3A stopped so he could take a bathroom break, the driver sped off with his backpack.

•An ongoing issue involving a driver of a vehicle with an Alberta plate was reported in the construction site on Northwest Boulevard. The driver has been abusive to flaggers, making gestures and yelling obscenities.

•Police are assisting Quadra Island RCMP by attempting to locate a person in Crawford Bay with an outstanding arrest warrant.

•Police were unable to locate a solicitor who identified himself at an 18th Avenue South residence as representing World Vision.

•It was reported that three males standing and drinking coffee on Prince Charles Secondary School grounds put a white powdery substance in their drinks and mixed it in.

•A mother who left her two preschoolers buckled into an idling minivan while she popped into the grocery store was spoken to by police about the potential dangers.

•When police checked on a woman reported to be sleeping on the ground near 15th Avenue they found she was homeless, but capable of looking after herself.

May 7

•A male was taken to the hospital when the vehicle he was in missed a turn at 26th Avenue North, went through a barricade, down an embankment and landed on its roof (above left). Speed is believed to be a factor.

•Police assisted Invermere RCMP by serving a subpoena.

•An Alberta vehicle reportedly nearly hit two pedestrians in a crosswalk on Cook Street.

•A male in dark clothing was reported to be trying to sell items by going door to door on 11th Avenue North. He was not located by police.

May 8

•A landlord on 32nd Avenue North reported renters in a basement suite were too loud.

•A warning letter has been sent to a red pickup owner after the vehicle failed to yield on Highway 21.

•A 10th Avenue North resident reported that there is an ongoing issue of vehicles speeding down toward the Cavell Street T-intersection. The speed limit in on 10th Avenue between Cavell Street and Hillside Street is 30 km/h because there is a school nearby and limited visibility at the peak of the hill. Police will be stepping up patrols.

•A reported assault at Canyon-Lister Elementary School is being handled by school district personnel.

•A theft of Canadian and Mexican money was reported at a Blackmore Road residence.

•Police were unable to locate a grey Dodge quad cab reported to be driving erratically and speeding on Highway 3 near Walker Bridge.

•Police received several complaints about a couple arguing in a 15th Avenue North motel room.

May 9

•A complaint from Hilton Place about a noisy party and bonfire was referred to the town bylaw department.

•Police are investigating a report that a male pointed a firearm at another male.

•A male who was refusing to leave a Cedar Street residence was gone when police arrived.

•A male who was asked to stop taking videos of children in Centennial Park was reported to police even after he complied with the request. Police learned he is a videographer who was testing a new camera before a scheduled photography job next week.

•Three intoxicated people reported to be on a bench on Highway 3 were gone when police arrived.

•A male was reported to have threatened another male on 25th Avenue South.

•Police received two reports of shots being fired on Highway 3 east of Kitchener.

•A vehicle checked on Helen Street was found to be uninsured. The driver was ticketed and the vehicle was towed.

•A driver checked on Canyon Street because his vehicle had a noisy muffler was found to be consuming alcohol. When he failed a roadside screening test, he was issued a 90-day driving prohibition and his vehicle was impounded for 30 days.

May 10

•After a rear-end collision in Crawford Bay, the offending driver was issued tickets for driving without a licence and following too close.

•When police responded to a report about a possible fight and loud people at a Northwest Boulevard residence, they found an intoxicated female who had just kicked her guests out.