Cars accidents and a pot bust for Creston RCMP

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  • Apr. 10, 2012 5:00 a.m.

Creston RCMP received 66 calls for service from April 2-8, Staff Sgt. Bob Gollan reported on Tuesday.

April 2

•None of the three occupants were injured when a single vehicle hit black ice and slid into the ditch near Summit Creek Bridge.

•Four door hinges and a screwdriver in a paper bag were located on Sunset Boulevard.

•The owner of three dogs running loose on Arrowsmith Road agreed to take better care of them.

•RCMP received a complaint of a vehicle driving in a crop field on Huscroft Road.

•The investigation is continuing into the report of a fight at a Lister gravel pit.

•The subjects were not located when police looked for two suspicious youths reported in ravine behind a Cedar Street house.

•A fight on a school bus between two male youths was reported on Packing Shed Road.

April 3

•RCMP received numerous 911 calls from an unsubscribed cellphone, routed through the tower on Whimster Road. Seven 911 calls were also received from a cellphone routed through the Riley Road tower.

•Dogs were reportedly running loose and killed a pet rabbit on Lakeview-Arrow Creek Road.

•An elderly man who appeared to be wandering around looking confused on Elm Street was indeed confused. Police transported him home and notified a home support agency.

•Two adult males were threatening each other on Bodor Road, with alcohol fuelling one side of the argument. Police later responded to the same men on Highway 3A.

•A subject riding a bicycle from Creston to Wynndel on Highway 3A was hit with a beer bottle from a passing truck. The truck’s owner initially said the bottle fell from the bed, but an investigation revealed the bottle was thrown.

•A person missing from Goat River Road was reported, and later found at another residence, having left the first after an argument.

•An intoxicated subject was removed from a Greyhound bus, then lodged in cells until sober.

April 4

•When police arrived to remove an unwanted guest from an Elm Street residence, they found the complainant extremely intoxicated, destroying her own furniture. The unwanted guest was given a ride to another location.

•A complaint was made of a male with a beard wandering aimlessly with stick on Cedar Street.

•A Sea-Doo reported stolen in June 2011 was found heavily damaged down an embankment on Airport Road.

•A search warrant was executed on a private residence to remove a marijuana grow-op of over 100 plants. The investigation continues with regard to laying charges.

•In what appeared to be an attempted theft, a tarp was cut off a truck on Highway 3. A trailer near it was also gone through, but nothing was reported stolen.

•A driver was treated for suspected head injuries after his vehicle slid down a 20-foot embankment 10 kilometres west of Creston on Highway 3. The driver had been westbound and lost control while passing another vehicle.

•U.S. border officials apprehended a 14-year-old male illegally crossing the border on foot. His parents came and picked him up.