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Canoeist accidentally crosses border on river near Creston

When border officials questioned a canoeist who had crossed the international border on Kootenay River...
The Creston RCMP detachment is locate on 16th Avenue South.

Creston RCMP responded to 89 calls for service from April 16-22, Staff Sgt. Bob Gollan said on Monday.

April 16

•When border officials questioned a canoeist who had crossed the international border on Kootenay River it was learned he was a local resident and hadn’t intended to cross the border.

•A well-being check at a Lister residence on Mallory Road revealed the person in question was OK.

•Items were stolen during a break and entry to a business in the 1000 block of Canyon Street.

•A complaint about fireworks being set off near Arrow Creek Road was received.

•A vehicle was stolen from a Hillside Street residence. It was recovered a short time after, with the ignition system punched out.

•A portable rental toilet was found on Highway 3, apparently having fallen off a truck.

•A 50-year-old female died suddenly in her 11th Avenue South home, apparently of natural causes.

•A Hurl Street resident requested a peace bond as protection.

•A male who was causing a disturbance in a 15th Avenue North residence left on his own after police were called.

•A vehicle was reported to have been doing donuts and tearing up a field near Nick’s Island Road.

•Creston police are assisting Okotoks, Alta., police in a theft investigation.

April 17

•A driver was issued a written warning when police located him after he was reported to have passed a vehicle dangerously on Northwest Boulevard.

•A Fishhawk Road resident in Crawford Bay reported a plug was pulled out of his boat, causing it to sink.

•Police were unable to locate an intoxicated male who was walking on Fifth Avenue South.

•Police found no evidence to charge two men who were accused of conspiring to beat up a male over a debt dispute on Second Avenue South.

•A female who was reported as refusing to leave a Lister Road residence was gone when police arrived.

•Untraceable 911 calls were received through cell phone towers on Topaz Creek Road and Whimster Road.

April 18

•A U.S. resident who attempted to cross into Canada with a handgun at the Kingsgate border had the weapon seized, was fined and refused entry into Canada.

•One vehicle sustained significant damage in a rear-end collision on Canyon-Lister Road.

•A possible email fraud was reported by a Regina Street resident.

•Police are recommending charges against a female who allegedly stole items from a Cook Street store and then advertised them for sale on a Facebook page.

•Damage of more than $1,000 was reported when a vehicle collided with a deer on Highway 3 near Summit Creek.

•An intoxicated female who caused a disturbance at a Third Avenue South residence was arrested and held in police cells until sober.

•A wallet found on Canyon-Lister Road was turned into the police station and has been returned to its owner.

•A severely intoxicated male was found passed out on a driveway on Centre Road and taken to hospital for treatment. A short time after he was released to a family member and he jumped out of the vehicle within a few blocks. Police located him and held in him in cells until he was sober.