Calls for Creston RCMP up 50 per cent over recent weeks

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  • May. 23, 2013 6:00 a.m.

Creston RCMP responded to 93 calls for service from May 13-19, an increase of about 50 per cent over recent demand.

“It’s a sure sign that summer has arrived,” Staff Sgt. Bob Gollan said on Tuesday.

May 13

•Two vehicles, one on Birch Street and the other on 16th Avenue South, had two tires slashed during the night.

•A dispute between ex-partners in Yahk was determined to a civil matter.

•Police are investigating a reported shoplifting at a Pine Street business.

•An allegation of emotional and financial abuse of an elderly female on Arrow Creek Road was referred to a provincial agency for investigation.

•A 0.65-carat diamond fell out of a ring on 10th Avenue North and the owner would very much like to have it back.

•Police were called to an argument between estranged partners on Murdoch Street. No assault took place.

•A female was reported to be drinking beer in a vehicle on the Kootenay Lake ferry and Nelson RCMP were advised of the report.

•A 911 call from Riondel Road was found not to have been made by the resident, but a check of files indicated that calls from the address consistently occur when it rains.

May 14

•An unwanted customer at a Northwest Boulevard business was gone when police arrived.

•The reason for a 911 call from a 32nd Avenue South business could not be determined.

•The owner of a seasonal residence on Majestic Road in Kingsgate reported a break-in during which a Honda generator and industrial food warmer were stolen.

•An Ibbitson Road business complained that a customer refused to pay for an ordered item, but the issue was resolved shortly afterward.

•Fifteen NDP election signs were reported to have been removed along Lister Road.

•A complaint about barking dogs on Erickson Road was referred to the Regional District of Central Kootenay.

May 15

•People were reported to be on the property of an unoccupied residence on Canyon Street.

•Buried bones found near Wellspring Road in Lister are being checked, but Gollan said they don’t appear to be human.

•A complaint was received about a noisy neighbor on Clement Road.

•The owner of a vehicle that passed a stopped school bus on Northwest Boulevard was sent a ticket.

•A well-being check on an Eighth Avenue South resident revealed he was OK.

•In making a complaint about a domestic dispute on Dugan Street, a female was unable to provide a description of the male, who had left the property.

•A small amount of marijuana was seized from a male driver on West Creston Road.

•The first of several complaints about a door-to-door salesperson was received.

May 16

•A dead raccoon was reported on Fox Tree Hill Road.

•No injuries resulted from a rear-end collision on 16th Avenue South at Cedar Street.

•Parked semis on Highway 21 near a diner were the cause of a complaint to police. Gollan said it is illegal for trucks to park along the highway.

•A male suspected of overdosing on drugs at the Kootenanny music event on Highway 3A was taken to hospital for treatment.

•One of several untraceable 911 calls through the Whimster Road cellphone tower was received.

•A small brown car speeding and swerving on Hillside Street could not be located.

•A shoplifting report from a Northwest Boulevard business is being investigated.

May 17

•A caller complaining about rifle shots near Mountain Shores Road was informed that shooting on private rural property is not illegal unless it is being done unsafely.

•A pink bicycle found on 11th Avenue South can be claimed at the police station by the owner.

•A vehicle collided with a deer on Highway 95 near Kingsgate.

•A female was reported to be going into buildings on private property on Mountain Road in Lister.

•A passenger on the Kootenay Lake ferry reported getting a frantic call for help. The phone call was traced to the Kelowna area but no further information was available.

•A complaint about suspicious people was made from West Creston Road.

•An intoxicated male was reported to be walking around Birch Street but he was not located.

•A butane cook stove was stolen from a travel trailer on 36th Avenue South.

•A teenage female reported being followed by a male in his fifties on 16th Avenue South. Patrolling police located a man matching her description and arrested him for possession of an illegal substance.

•A female was arrested for assault on Connel Road and released on conditions.

•A vehicle went off Lockhart Road and rolled when the driver swerved to avoid a deer. No injuries were reported.

May 18

•A Cook Street resident asked police to investigate the source of three empty beer cans in his yard.

•A sign and bench were pushed over on Vancouver Street.

•An iPhone was found on Ibbitson Street, and police located the owner and returned it.

•A parked vehicle was damaged in a hit-and-run on 23rd Avenue North.

•A Kootenay River Road resident complained about youth partying on his property and removing a fence.

•A severely intoxicated female was removed from a Greyhound bus and taken to hospital for a checkup, then held in police cells until sober.

•A male on Wadds Road in Crawford Bay was arrested following a domestic dispute, then released on conditions.

May 19

•An 82-year-old male died suddenly in his 20th Avenue North home, apparently of natural causes.

•Police were called to Canyon-Lister Road to assist emergency health services in transporting a male to hospital.

•A dog went onto a Majestic Road property in Kingsgate and attacked another dog.

•An intoxicated male on Simon Road was arrested and held until sober.